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How Long Will Truth Social Actually Last?

Let’s just say Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need to lose too much sleep over it. Hell, the CEO of MySpace (whoever that is) doesn’t need to lose an after-lunch nap over it… Trump himself posted there only one time before the January 6th hearings started. [Despite pretending otherwise, he seems much more obsessed with getting back… Read More »

Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Thought There Were 52 States…There Should Be

A lot of people were laughing at Herschel Walker, the man with a gaggle of illegitimate kids and who gets things even basic facts wrong more often than a Fox & Friends broadcast. But those people don’t understand the forward-thinking of a man like Walker. They don’t fully realize that Herschel Walker is a visionary. This… Read More »

“Reasons to Reelect Trump”…That are Completely False

I keep seeing the same Republican “reasons” to reelect Trump surfacing all over the internet in a way that is not only suspicious (why the same talking points over and over?) but provably false. I’ll now debunk a few of the ones I see the most… 1. “There’s a strong economy.” The economy has collapsed.… Read More »

Petty Issues: A Bad Week for Assholes

5. Paul Manafort’s house was raided by the FBI…Sure, it actually happened two weeks ago, but somehow Russia managed to keep it out of our news–If these damn Ruskies ever get tired of being international Shit-Stirrers, they have a great future in P.R. 4. Kim Jong Un put on notice…Since Trump is actually crazy enough… Read More »

Trump Impeachment Watch…Top Five Reasons to Impeach Him This Week

Since I wrote the epic takedown “100 Reasons to Impeach Trump” on his 100th day in office, he’s been determined to make me look dated by adding new reasons. Here are the top five reasons to impeach him in the last week or so… 5. He’s hinted he’s about to phase-out press releases. Obviously, this isn’t… Read More »

Petty Issues: Trump’s Joint Disgrace–I Mean, Address Edition

That five minute standing ovation for the mother of a fallen soldier went from “compassionate” to “snake-handling church-tent revival.” And Trump’s praising of a military he largely has done nothing for most definitely tip-toes over the line from “patriotic” to “I’m using you to wrap a protective shield around my fascism.” [Sean Spicer’s new thing… Read More »

Petty Issues: Democratic National Convention Edition

After Tim Kaine gave part of his VP acceptance speech in Spanish, Ann Coulter went furiously to work on her new book “How Tim Kaine Conspired with Hondurans to Ruin America! A Liberal Plot.” Seeing every big name Democrat in the known universe give speeches at the DNC this week seems a little lop-sided with… Read More »