What is the Bluest State in America? What is the Reddest State?

By | August 19, 2022

As someone who’s lived all over the country, and whose blog slogan is literally “Blue in a red state,” people often ask if I can tell them what the bluest state in America is and especially if I know what the reddest state is?

The bluest? Hands down, Hawaii…

The state is Democratic controlled from top-to-bottom (Governor, Lt. Governor, both senators, both congressmen, the state house, the state senate). It’s one of the only states in America that has the Democratic “trifecta” (Gov, state house, state senate), and definitely by the widest margins. Only 4 out of 51 Hawaii state reps are Republican, only one Hawaii state senator is a Republican, making Kurt Fevella the “senate minority leader” because he’s the only Republican in the chamber. It has only voted Republican in two elections since becoming a state (the landslides of 1972 and 1984), and has not had a Republican senator since the 1970’s. Even though Tulsi Gabbard was a “Democrat,” she was—by far—the most conservative House or Senate member they’ve had in decades.

However, the title for “the reddest state” is much more of a contest.

There are objectively more “red states” than “blue states.” For example, Democrats only have the “trifecta” in 14 states, whereas Republicans have it in 23 states. The reddest state in America could easily be considered North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, or Oklahoma, as the Democratic Party has no major representation in these states. [Out of the traditional Southeast, only Arkansas is as Republican-monopolized as these Midwestern or mountain time-zone states.]

But I’m going to go with Wyoming. Wyoming has a similar dynamic to the other states listed (the “trifecta,” no Democratic senators or representatives, no statewide Democratic officeholders), but by the widest margin. Only 7 out of 60 state representatives are Democratic and only 2 out of 15 state senators. There hasn’t been a Democratic House Representative or Senator since the late 1970’s. There hasn’t been a Democratic win for President in Wyoming since LBJ’s 1964 blowout, and every Republican win this century has been with over 64% of the vote. It hasn’t had a statewide Democratic office holder since 2012 (Dave Freudenthal) and is the 5th-whitest state in America.

Wyoming is so monopolized, only one sitting Wyoming official has ever been removed from office for a crime in over a century. That isn’t because he’s the only one who’s committed a crime, but because there’s no real investigations in a one-party state.

Does that also signify that Wyoming residents probably aren’t the toughest bunch on corruption of elected-officials? Absolutely, and so poor Liz Cheney probably never stood a chance in a state where ideology “trumps” ethics and the rule of law.

One thought on “What is the Bluest State in America? What is the Reddest State?

  1. Herb Neu

    I live in Marshall County AL. It’s pretty corrupt as are those in the highest state offices. I am so alarmed that I actually got involved in local politics, and the depth of misinformation media is breathtaking. Democrats are demoralized and the trumpians are demonic in their blatant attacks on what they think are the real issues. It’s bonkers. Check out my humble site at http://www.voteHerb.com. I’m in it for the cause. No way we can save our state, but maybe we can open some more eyes.

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