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Big Question: Why Does the World’s Richest Country (for Nearly a Century) Continually Pretend It’s Too Broke to Help Its People?

Any given day of the news, you can find some story of [fill in the blank] Republican politician saying America “can’t afford” to pay for Medicaid, or “Social Security is going broke,” or some new version of a timeless theme for the Republican Party: that America’s miserly social safety net is unsustainable and antiquated and… Read More »

What is the Bluest State in America? What is the Reddest State?

As someone who’s lived all over the country, and whose blog slogan is literally “Blue in a red state,” people often ask if I can tell them what the bluest state in America is and especially if I know what the reddest state is? The bluest? Hands down, Hawaii… The state is Democratic controlled from… Read More »

What if America Actually WAS Split into Two Countries? A “Red” Nation and a “Blue” Nation?

Right below this article, I wrote one asking the question of “Why does Texas keep talking about secession?” and actually answering it instead of standing around scratching my head screaming “the world’s gone crazy” (the default position for most millionaire media pundits). But it isn’t just Texas. Even a brief glance at bot-plagued social media… Read More »

Frequently Asked Question: “Why in the Hell do Texas Republicans Keep Talking About Secession?”

Few people know that Alabama Liberal’s first (and best) unpublished manuscript was a speculative fiction spy-drama detailing what would happen if Texas actually did secede from the United States. That was written in early 2011, when then-Texas Governor Rick Perry–not yet moved on to “greater things” like resigning from the Trump administration or “Dancing with… Read More »

Mo Brooks, Mo’ Problems

In this video, Alabama Liberal recaps the strange, twist-filled partnership-turned-feud between aspiring-tyrant Donald Trump and one of his chief bootlickers: Mo Brooks…What does the Alabama senate race have to do with rightwing violence, insurrection, conservative white men labeling anything they don’t like as “woke,” and Trump’s spotty record of endorsements (and loyalty)? Watch and find… Read More »

Bubba Goes to Shanghai

Bubba goes to Shanghai to find out what happened to his town’s off-shored jobs, eventually doing battle with sassy toilets, witches, pirates, and the main castle of outsourcing.

Why Didn’t Democrats Take Back Texas?

One of the loftiest goals for the Democratic Party has been to flip Texas blue. Or perhaps “take it back” would be more accurate since it was Democratic for over a century before W. Bush put his carpet bagging ass in the Governor’s mansion. They wanted it bad for Hillary in 2016, for Beto in… Read More »

The Election Wasn’t a Blowout but it Still Proved People Hate Trump

“Damn, how did Trump get more votes than last time? How did he do so well?” I’m not sure an incumbent President losing by the biggest margin since Herbert Hoover is really “doing well” by any objective measure, but I understand the sentiment: how did so many people vote for an impeached, incompetent, traitorous criminal… Read More »