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Bubba Takes Trump’s Loss Hard

Not even Bubba’s beloved Crimson Tide winning another National Championship (suck it Yale!) can lift his spirits in a world where Trump has left office (allegedly!) and one of the women from “Black Panther” has become Vice President. In Biden’s socialist dystopia, he’s in a bonafide funk

What is Gender Drain?

Alabama Liberal coins the phrase “Gender Drain” to explain rural areas having way more men than women, and explains why this is not only making rural men angrier and more radical, but stopping Democrats from regaining political power.

Bubba Explains why Amazon Should Pick Bumblefuck for Their Second Headquarters

Bubba makes the case that Amazon’s HQ2 should pick Bumblefuck as their “city” (yes, the quote marks are necessary). As we have everything they’re looking for: a ton of empty buildings, plantation economics that favor the rich, and a desperate population that will let Jeff Bezos murder them at whim.

Bubba’s Triumphiant Return for “Alabama Valentine’s Day” (Mother’s Day) and MILF Countdown

That failed communist known as Alabama Liberal hasn’t let me post anything in more than two years, but I finally found a way to hack into his site. It turns out, his password is password, and even though it took me three hard years of trying (mostly by looking for a library so I’d have… Read More »

Bubba Can’t Bring a Gun in Starbucks Anymore? What is This, France?

Just earlier this week I was buying my 14th semi-automatic rifle (you know, in case a burglar breaks into my worthless trailer to steal all my other guns, by far the most valuable thing there…and I grow 12 more hands to fire 14 guns at him simultaneously) when I discovered some truly horrific news: Starbucks… Read More »

Bubba Has a Traumatic Experience at a Yankee State Fair

Recently, I had the mixed pleasure of attending a state fair in the wintry hellscape that is Minnesota. It’s a weird state because although their politics are liberal, their people look like they’re at a casting call for a new A&E show called Forest Folks. I’m talking guys with bushy beards. I’m talking “women” with… Read More »

Bubba’s Sex Tips: Miley Cyrus is the World’s Hottest Woman?…I Demand a Recount

Maxim Magazine——a great read if you like seeing naked women…that are fully clothed and you haven’t heard about Playboy, Hustler, or something called “the internet”——-just proclaimed Miley Cyrus as the World’s Hottest Woman. My immediate reaction was “Isn’t Billy Ray too old to be the world’s hottest woman?” Then someone explained that the mulletted former… Read More »