Trump Impeachment Watch…Top Five Reasons to Impeach Him This Week

By | May 17, 2017

Since I wrote the epic takedown “100 Reasons to Impeach Trump” on his 100th day in office, he’s been determined to make me look dated by adding new reasons. Here are the top five reasons to impeach him in the last week or so…

5. He’s hinted he’s about to phase-out press releases. Obviously, this isn’t impeachable by itself, but when combined with the other things on this list it’s yet another hint Trump has no intention of being held accountable or respecting simple checks and balances.

4. His tweets. Not only did he threaten to phase out press releases (in the most passive-aggressive way possible) and more directly threaten James Comey not to leak to the press, he admitted he records his conversations and repeated his calls to investigate his bogus wire-tapping claims. On the day of May 16th alone (his least controversial day of the week), he said it was an “honor” to host Turkey’s dictator at the White House, repeated his claims that the “leakers” in the intelligence community must be found, and defended himself against revealing classified information to Russia.

The following are much more serious and you can basically take your pick as to which is a bigger deal to you personally…

3. Firing FBI Director James Comey, the man investigating him. I’m not sure how even Trump’s most loyal mouthbreathers can defend this, and even Steve Bannon advised against it.

2. He admitted obstruction of justice to Lester Holt. First, Trump’s chaotic propaganda ministers Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Sean Spicer struggled to explain his firing of Comey, and gave the outrageous lie that it was because of his shoddy treatment of Hillary Clinton. But Trump himself directly contradicted their claims in an interview with Lester Holt where he basically admitted to obstruction of justice by saying Comey’s firing was over the Russia investigation.

1. Leaking classified info to Russia…in the Oval Office…where he invited Russian spies…and allowed only Russian photographers, not American media…Gee, does this seem remotely related to the Russia-collusion Comey was fired for investigating in the first place? Another sign that Trump may be begging to be impeached at this point or mentally incapable of knowing he’s compromised.

One thought on “Trump Impeachment Watch…Top Five Reasons to Impeach Him This Week

  1. Jimmy

    If I am not mistaken because of my age. In history didn’t Hitler pretty much start with what Trump is starting with?
    Have the American people figured out that he lies yet?
    WHat the F is wrong with people that they can’t see that he is only for rich people.

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