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Why Republicans Should NOT Vote for Trump

As a response to Joe Biden’s staggering number of endorsements from Republicans (including some from people that worked in the Trump White House), I sometimes see questions from Republicans asking “Why are so many prominent Republicans not voting for Trump?” For Republicans, voting for Trump should be about as appealing as injecting bleach (also, Trump’s… Read More »

100 Reasons to Vote AGAINST Donald Trump

When you ask Trump’s cult why they can still support a man so obviously unpresidential, unfit for office, corrupt, and possibly insane–they usually ask variations of the question “What has he done wrong exactly?” Insanely naive variations of the question “Why is he so bad?” reveal someone as a dyed-in-the-wool Fox News viewer or Joe… Read More »

Trump Tax Returns Takeaway: Trump “Business Genius” is Officially Dead

The question every American is asking today: “Did you pay more taxes than the President of the United States did before he took office?” Yes, I sure did…many multiples more in fact. And my taxes have gone UP since that b*****d’s “tax cut” that went overwhelmingly to the wealthy and corporations. Because the tax laws… Read More »

Don’t Let Trump’s Base LIE About Biden’s Mental Fitness

It is hilariously hypocritical that Trump’s base makes Biden sound like a puppet. We all know Trump goofs around at Mar-a-Lago or on Twitter; is the only POTUS other than Reagan to suffer actual cognitive mental decline; and has no government knowledge, experience, or interest. There’s a reason Coronavirus has claimed 200K American lives and… Read More »

Dismantling the Only Pro-Trump Arguments

Dismantling the only two pro-Trump arguments… –“Trump is a great businessman. Biden will be bad for the economy.”…On what planet can someone say this with a straight face? The Bob Woodward interview proves that Trump knew the risks of Coronavirus and went ahead and downplayed it anyway. He is personally responsible for tanking the American economy with… Read More »

Good Arguments for Joe Biden (to Use Against Trump’s Troll Army)

I’ve seen many people say things like “What is a good reason I should vote for Joe Biden? And do NOT just say ‘because he’s not Donald Trump.’” Well, of course, the way this answer is framed, I don’t believe there’s a single reason I could give you that would persuade you. [And it’s also… Read More »

My Picks for Joe Biden’s Dream Cabinet

Well, we finally have a running mate for Biden! All hail, Queen Kamala! Alabama Liberal’s readers, podcast listeners, YouTube video watchers, social media followers, and anyone who’s even had a conversation with me in the last two years knows I am fully behind this, and would’ve loved to have seen Kamala as the nominee (and… Read More »