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The Real Reason Elon Musk Wanted Twitter was NOT Good

At this point, it might be doubtful Elon Musk will actually take control of Twitter. After all, most of the employees don’t want him (not that he cares). Most of Twitter’s users don’t want him (not that he cares). The Twitter board surely would prefer to hang onto their salaries (not that he cares). And… Read More »

Mo Brooks, Mo’ Problems

In this video, Alabama Liberal recaps the strange, twist-filled partnership-turned-feud between aspiring-tyrant Donald Trump and one of his chief bootlickers: Mo Brooks…What does the Alabama senate race have to do with rightwing violence, insurrection, conservative white men labeling anything they don’t like as “woke,” and Trump’s spotty record of endorsements (and loyalty)? Watch and find… Read More »

America’s Next Top Climate Activist Says America’s Enemies Run on Fossil Fuels

BUT for a more detailed video about how America’s enemies run on fossil fuels, check out this eerily prescient video from 2018 where Alabama Liberal warns that Russia will keep meddling in things as long as it has the oil revenue to do it and jack up gas prices whenever they want to punish the… Read More »

Deconstructing DeSantis: What’s He Thinking? IS He Thinking?

In only a few months, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has gone from a relatively obscure, run-of-the-mill heartless red state Governor to being the belligerent tip of the spear for conservative troll nation. He is in the news almost every day, and sometimes several times a week for different things. This is different than most Republican… Read More »

10 Reasons April Will Be Much Better than March

Although T.S. Eliot said April was the cruelest month, I’d argue that it’s actually March. It’s long as hell: 31 days, the only non-Summer month with no real holidays, Daylight Savings Time kicks in, most places are cold yet the holidays are long gone, and it just feels like the most uneventful month of the… Read More »

Actually, Killing Putin will PREVENT Nuclear War

Cowardly pundits in the America media seem obsessed with the idea that angering Putin in any way would lead to nuclear war, and are determined to flex their inner-Neville Chamberlains in order to pretend this situation in Ukraine can end well if all we all just give Putin everything he wants or tip-toe around him… Read More »

Appeasement Doesn’t Work, but Decapitation Does

Appeasement doesn’t work, and Alabama Liberal has real doubts about counter-insurgency, but cutting off the head of the snake (a terrorist group, a criminal cartel, or rogue state) actually is incredibly effective.

The Real “Fake News,” is that Trump is Still “Extremely Popular” Within the Republican Party

Some commentary I’ve picked up over the last year: “Alabama Liberal, you said [in a February 2021 video] that Trump’s base would quietly leave him just like W. Bush’s fanatics left him, but that hasn’t happened at all. Were you spectacularly wrong or what?” …Myself: “Not at all, and it’s actually happening faster than I… Read More »