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If Republicans Only Care About G.I.A. (Guns, Immigration, Abortion), Political Correctness, and Taxes–They’re Basically little Kids

“How can we understand a Republican mindset?” It’s not hard to figure out… Guns, immigration, abortion, political correctness, and taxes. Other than absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theories, these are the only five things I ever see Republicans talk about (they love the first one and they hate the other four). It’s tiresome, if I’m being honest.… Read More »

Who is the Closest to Being the Real Life Lex Luthor?

While there’s a lot of good candidates (the Koch Brothers, for example), I think the three top choices are…Trump, Jeff Bezos, and Vladimir Putin. Trump…He’s the most obvious and top candidate. A lot of people like Lex Luthor and can’t see how evil he is no matter how many times Superman catches him doing something… Read More »

Three Things That Can Help Unity and Healing This Nation

The themes of Biden’s inauguration were (essentially) compassion, competency, and healing the very real divisions that Trump spent four years exacerbating. But can real unity be achieved? It never has been before (infighting has been around since the days of Adams and Jefferson or the fatal duel of Hamilton and Burr), but things could certainly… Read More »

Elections are like ink blot tests: People See What They Want to When They Lose

Election losses are a little bit like “ink blot tests” in that you see what you want to see… In 2008, it was said Republicans were too far right to appeal to most Americans, and many predicted Obama’s Presidency was the beginning of 50-year Democratic rule…Instead, the Tea Party swept into power. In 2012, after… Read More »

Is Melania Trump a Red Sparrow?

Has Melania Trump been sent by Moscow authorities to seduce Donald Trump? Does anyone else find her background (supposedly ex-prostitute Trump literally picked out of a catalogue) and the way they met a little fishy? Almost as if Trump had her placed in his path by Russian authorities? And then there’s the fact that Stephanie… Read More »

Why Do People Hate California? …Or Pretend to?

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that half the country seems to make it their personal mission to wage a propaganda war against California. You barely need Russian bots when so many Americans seem willing to paint Cali as a post-apocalyptic hellscape where hobos run wild shitting on the streets and littering the… Read More »

Is Project Lincoln More Effective Than Actual Democratic Groups?

Is the best Super-PAC for Democrats actually run by Republicans? I would argue that “The Lincoln Project” is certainly more effective than whatever idiot came up with “Defund the Police.” But why is that? Because the Lincoln Project is made up of some of the Republican dirty tricksters like Rick Wilson. [It’s much less clear… Read More »

Who was the Best Republican President? Alabama Liberal Has an Answer

A lot of people would instinctually say Abraham Lincoln, but—to me—I have a hard time really calling Lincoln’s Presidency “great” since it’s the first and only time America had a Civil War, and it occupied his Presidency from start to finish. The South started seceding before Lincoln even took office, and the final Southern troops… Read More »