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What is the Republican Election Platform?

Good question, and I’m not sure all of them truly know… As others have pointed out, Trump did not have a platform in 2020. While running, he steadfastly avoided even talking about what a second term would look like. “What do you want to do in a second term?” “Make America Great Again and America… Read More »

This Week, Trump’s Cult is Showing Exactly WHY People Call Them a Cult

Before the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, I would often see Trump’s horde (mostly white conservative males, but some women too) complaining about being labeled a “cult.” And then usually they might make horrific false equivalency like “Well, how come Biden voters aren’t called a ‘cult’ but Trump voters are called one?” Republicans are used to… Read More »

While Everyone Was Worrying About a Government Takeover, They Didn’t Notice the Government Was Being TAKEN Over

Forever, we’ve heard rightwing complaints that the government is too intrusive, too power-hungry, and too control-mad to let citizens live their lives freely. In an earlier article today titled “‘Government is Evil Republicans’ Sure Want Government to Control People” I shoot holes in the narrative that Republicans have ever truly wanted small government or the… Read More »

What Would a DeSantis Presidency Look Like? Hint: It’s NOT a Given He’s “Less Crazy than Trump”

Since it’s more likely than not that Ron DeSantis will be the 2024 Republican nominee, many are asking “Just what would a Ron DeSantis Presidency actually look?” Like most things the media says, I disagree with the prevailing narrative that it’s guaranteed Ron DeSantis would be “less crazy than Trump.” Although we don’t know for… Read More »

“Government is Evil Republicans” Sure Want Government to Control People

One of the great, hidden ironies of politics in this century is that Republicans pretend they are for small government, but have only ever given the government more control over people’s lives, usually over aspects that have no need for government input. Meanwhile, they pretend they are economic wizards (and some Democrats pretend they hate capitalism),… Read More »

What if Kamala Harris Suddenly Became President?

All over the internet, you can find various “what if?” scenarios where the white male conservative horde is practically having a panic attack at the mere idea of Kamala Harris taking over for Joe Biden. It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s already taken over for him once (when he had a colonoscopy, temporarily transferring… Read More »

Anti-Abortion Nuts Don’t REALLY Care About Kids

We’ve all seen the nuts who go outside abortion clinics and scream at the women or staff who enter. Sometimes, they even bring their own kids there to hold up signs and help them shame women on a day they’d surely rather be left alone. Similarly, there’s a battalion of online trolls (usually older men,… Read More »

We Need More “Judicial Bullying” for the Supreme Cult

Many of our horrible, conservative Supreme Court Justices have been complaining about “Judicial Bullying.” Samuel Alito certainly didn’t like it when his Godawful decision to reverse Roe (and the ridiculous “legal precedents” he cited to justify it) was revealed to the public before it was “time.” Likewise, Brett Kavanaugh sure didn’t seem to enjoy being… Read More »

DON’T Have Sympathy for the Capitol Rioters

The January 6th hearings are the most compulsively watchable congressional hearings in decades. They’re so interesting, relevant, and (relatively) lively that C-SPAN audiences might finally rouse from their slumber, and it’s obvious these are the exact opposite of the snore-inducing Benghazi time-wasters overseen by congress’s version of Inspector Clouseau: Trey Gowdy. The only troubling development… Read More »

What if America Actually WAS Split into Two Countries? A “Red” Nation and a “Blue” Nation?

Right below this article, I wrote one asking the question of “Why does Texas keep talking about secession?” and actually answering it instead of standing around scratching my head screaming “the world’s gone crazy” (the default position for most millionaire media pundits). But it isn’t just Texas. Even a brief glance at bot-plagued social media… Read More »