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Kamala Harris Has a Great Record on Civil Rights–and a Personal Story to Prove It

Throughout Kamala Harris’s campaign, she was plagued by allegations that she has a lousy Civil Rights record–Alabama Liberal tells a personal story to showcase how that’s not true, reveals California’s all-white statewide office holders (which Kamala had to rise the ranks of), and tries to pinpoint the real reason so many Social Justice Warriors were… Read More »

What Would a Kamala Harris Presidency have Looked Like?

Today brought the devastating news that Senator Kamala Harris (my personal favorite) is ending her campaign for the Presidency. Even though she was part of the 5 candidates who actually had a shot at the nomination (Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, and Sanders being the others), and routinely polled anywhere from 5th to 2nd throughout the entirety… Read More »

What Would a Joe Biden Presidency Be Like?

Since we know there are only five candidates with even a remote chance of becoming the Democratic nominee (Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren are the main three, with outside chances of Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris), it’s worth it to think about what their administrations would actually look like–perhaps especially Joe Biden. This… Read More »

Live-Blogging the November Debate

6:00–Now might be a good time to mention that the top 5 Democratic candidates (Biden, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, and Sanders) have not changed at all in 2018. It might be also be a good time to ask why the fuck nearly 20 other people are still running? 6:02–Disappointingly, the first question is not “Tulsi Gabbard,… Read More »

Why is Each Democratic Candidate Running?

It’s true that there are only 5 candidates who even have a shot at the nomination (Biden, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, Sanders—in that order), and maybe not even that many. BUT the polls have had the same top 5 for pretty much all of 2019, and Iowa’s only 4 months away. For another candidate to get… Read More »