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Is Project Lincoln More Effective Than Actual Democratic Groups?

Is the best Super-PAC for Democrats actually run by Republicans? I would argue that “The Lincoln Project” is certainly more effective than whatever idiot came up with “Defund the Police.” But why is that? Because the Lincoln Project is made up of some of the Republican dirty tricksters like Rick Wilson. Wilson is the kind-of… Read More »

Who was the Best Republican President? Alabama Liberal Has an Answer

A lot of people would instinctually say Abraham Lincoln, but—to me—I have a hard time really calling Lincoln’s Presidency “great” since it’s the first and only time America had a Civil War, and it occupied his Presidency from start to finish. The South started seceding before Lincoln even took office, and the final Southern troops… Read More »

Trump is Shocked There is No Popular Support for Him to Steal the Election

“Do Trump voters support Trump stealing the election?” Some of them would, but not the majority of the entire 73 million—which is already not the majority of the country. You’d have a President who lost the popular vote by over 6 million people then stealing the election outright, being supported by a fraction of the… Read More »

Before Republicans Can Change, They Have to Accept That They Lost

“How do you change the Republican Party so that they appeal to more Americans again?” First, they would have to WANT to change, and I don’t see that aspect at all. Typical Trump dumb ass: “Trump got more votes than anybody but Biden. He’s number 1! We just have to wait for Biden to fuck… Read More »

Stop Pretending Trump is Just “Exercising his Legal Options.” He Very Clearly Tried to Steal an Election

“What do Republicans think about Trump calling Michigan officials directly and inviting them to the White House?” “Oh, he’s just thanking them for doing such a good job with the election.” Horseshit It’s just one of two dozen examples where Trump is trying to steal this election, and his mindless horde pretend on as if… Read More »

Why Trump Did Poorly with Seniors

So we won’t know for sure until all demographic data is released on the 2020 election, but it sure looks like Trump didn’t do so hot with senior citizens this election cycle…or at least not for a Republican candidate. While the media has focused myopically on why Trump did even slightly better with minority voters… Read More »

When Will American Conservatives Take Climate Crisis Seriously? Or Embrace Renewable Energy?

On a message board that I frequent, someone asked “What are some things that European conservatives do better than American conservatives?” I scanned through about 10 answers, and have (so far) not seen anyone mention the environment, pollution, and renewable energy—and that might tell you something about how conservatives in America think on this issue.… Read More »

The Election Wasn’t a Blowout but it Still Proved People Hate Trump

“Damn, how did Trump get more votes than last time? How did he do so well?” I’m not sure an incumbent President losing by the biggest margin since Herbert Hoover is really “doing well” by any objective measure, but I understand the sentiment: how did so many people vote for an impeached, incompetent, traitorous criminal… Read More »

15 Reasons Al Gore in 2000 and Trump Today are NOT the Same Thing

Every conservative right now “Well, Trump is just using all his legal options. It took Al Gore 38 days to concede. There’s no difference.” These Al Gore comparisons are dead wrong for so many reasons… 1. The vote in Florida truly was less than a 1,000 vote difference and at one point only 537 votes.… Read More »