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Who Will Each Candidate Choose as Their VP? And Who They Should Choose

The Also-Rans…For this group, it doesn’t really matter who I think they’ll pick because they have no chance of being the nominee. That being said, I still put some time into thinking about it. Tulsi Gabbard…Who She Would Pick: Probably Bernie Sanders or someone even older and far more irrelevant like Mike Gravel. Who She… Read More »

Iowa Clusterfuck

“Iowa, you have shocked the nation.”–Pete Buttigieg Truer words were never spoken, although not for the reasons Buttigieg may have meant. Iowa once again unleashed an 18-layer clusterfuck cake in the results for their caucasian-caucus (CNN correspondents showed various caucus sites around the state, and I almost got snow-blindness from all the bland, pasty crowds).… Read More »

Mr. Robot’s Most Daring Feature: A Chinese Villain

[Note about spoilers: There are only the vaguest possible spoilers for the series finale–and all season four spoilers are only in the first two paragraphs. This article isn’t about that.] “Mr. Robot” is hands-down the most audacious Drama on television (sorry Damon Lindelof, I know you try). Any given episode can feature head trips, fake… Read More »

Live-Blogging the December Debate (And Ranking/Grading the Candidates)

4:58 p.m….Are you ready for some debaaaaate! CNN literally says “Debate Pre-Show…Moments Away: Democrats Face Off in High-Stakes Debate.” Ohhhhh…dramatic. 4:59 p.m. We’re seeing live footage of the candidates scribbling notes at the podium. Riveting stuff 5:01 p.m. An introduction of the moderators, who I have never heard of… 5:01 p.m. Introducing the candidates–who are… Read More »