Petty Issues: Last Jew in Afghanistan, Youngest on Facebook, Luckiest Man in Michigan

By | November 14, 2013

The luckiest man in Michigan (which is a little like the World’s Tallest Midget) won a million dollar cash lottery for the second time. The real money: when he writes a book called “How to Win the Lottery” and a million suckers buy it.

There was a story about the last Jew in Afghanistan and it was a nice story of the human spirit that showcased—-Oops, he’s been killed! Thanks for the publicity media! Not…

A new study shows teens are fleeing Facebook for newer social media outlets like Snapchat, Instagram, and something called Pheed (I think, even I’m a little old to know what that one is), and that the site is becoming rapidly older, less educated, more rural, and more conservative as some of the “last adapters” have finally signed up. So it’s basically gone from a viral San Francisco to an etch-a-sketch Alabama but hey, no website lasts forever.

Conan O’Brien is under fire for a tweet about a female Muslim superhero, Jimmy Kimmel is being boycotted for something a child said on his show about China, and the Republicans keep pushing their hearings on why the Obamacare website didn’t launch without a hitch. It seems like it’s been a very good for fake outrage.

Asshole of the Week: The New Republic reporter who keeps pushing the idea that Elizabeth Warren should run against Hillary Clinton in 2016. The only people who really want this scenario are conservatives, not most Democrats because they know Warren could never win the general or really even the primary. They just want Hillary dinged up in a vicious primary fight.

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