Petty Issues: A Bad Week for Assholes

By | August 10, 2017

5. Paul Manafort’s house was raided by the FBI…Sure, it actually happened two weeks ago, but somehow Russia managed to keep it out of our news–If these damn Ruskies ever get tired of being international Shit-Stirrers, they have a great future in P.R.

4. Kim Jong Un put on notice…Since Trump is actually crazy enough to blow up North Korea, you have to wonder if he’s scooping shit out of his pants as we speak.

3. Trump is on “vacation”…which pretty much means he’s at a different golf course retreat than the one he spends his non-vacation weekends at.

2. Jeffrey Lord…Let go from CNN for a “Seig Heil!” tweet at a liberal journalist. Lord strikes me as the kind-of guy that could wear a Nazi uniform into work, and blame offended reactions on political correctness.

Asshole of the Week: Travis Kalanick, Uber’s founder and Asshole-at-Large is being sued. And honestly, it couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

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