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Greg Gianforte is May’s “Asshole of the Month”

As I get ready to list the Biggest Assholes in American history, I thought it only fitting I bring back the popular Working Class Economist segment “Asshole of the Month.” And I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of that title than Montanta congressional candidate Greg Gianforte. You may have heard about the race for… Read More »

Working Class Economist: Grading Each Candidate for Your Wallet

  Working class people everywhere might feel like rejoicing since Ted Cruz has withdrawn from the race, but what’s the exact breakdown of each presidential candidate on most working class people’s wallets? John Kasich…The Good: Uhhh, I guess he offers hugs? The Bad: Nothing more expensive than a pregnancy you don’t want, and Kasich’s one-man mission to shut… Read More »

Libertarian/Career Politician Paul Ryan Advocates “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Economics

Ever since his announcement as Romney’s VP selection—–which I still maintain as a poor pick, as noted in last Saturday’s editorial about it—–Paul Ryan has been under increased scrutiny in the eyes of “moderates.” “Moderates” being another word for the people that have never heard of him, since Republicans, Democrats, and people that actually follow… Read More »