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Best TV Moments (or Episodes) of 2021

A few honorable mentions: I almost included Evan Peters’s shocking death in “Mare of Easttown,” but felt conflicted; while that was certainly the most shocking murder of 2021 TV, I just felt too bad for his character (one of my favorites) to really include it as a “Best” moment. Likewise, I enjoyed “Yellowstone”‘s no-fuss, no-muss… Read More »

The BEST TV Characters of 2021

I had a hard time narrowing the list down this year, and I rewrote it a few times before finally deciding to exclude a handful of favorites. The toughest cuts included: Mandy Patinkin’s wacky-yet-earnest judge in the fourth season of “The Good Fight,” Kate Winslet’s dogged detective in “Mare of Easttown,” Anthony Mackie’s soaring arc… Read More »

Ranking and Grading ALL Seasons of “Dexter”

Here’s hoping against hope Showtime won’t greenlight some God-awful Harrison spinoff, and this actually will be all the seasons of Dexter there are. The seasons of Dexter are a little hard to properly rank since the series has two bad seasons, two terrific seasons, and five that are different variations of “pretty good.” It’s those… Read More »

“Dexter” Series Finale…Again…

Now that we know how it ends, the question on every “Dexter: New Blood” viewer’s mind is: “Will this be the real series finale of “Dexter?” [Spoilers ahead] Surely to God it will be since the idea of doing this a third time may be too much even for the hardest core “Dexter” fan…of which… Read More »

The Democrats I’m Most Worried About in 2022

Not all problems Democrats face this year will come from Republicans. Here, I take a look at the 10 Democrats most likely to cause major headaches in the year ahead… Mentions: Raphael Warnock, Catherine Cortez Masto, Mark Kelly…Unlike the rest of the people on this list, it’s not that I’m worried so much about them,… Read More »

Of Course, Trump’s Coup Must Be Prosecuted

There seems to be a question of whether or not Democrats should spend time or political capital prosecuting Trump’s coup attempt and his various henchmen for their roles in the January 6th insurrection. The thinking usually goes something like “If Trump (or his goons) go to prison, won’t that just lead to Republicans retaliating by… Read More »