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No, Lincoln Could Not Have Just “Bought” the Slaves from the South. Here’s Why the Civil War Could NOT be Avoided…

Bad ideas are like herpes: they never really go away, and you’re kind-of stuck with them forever. One of the most persistent bad ideas in American history is the notion that Abraham Lincoln specifically or the Northern states generally could’ve simply “bought” the Southern slaves and then freed them. [I think this might be particularly… Read More »

The Real Reason Elon Musk Wanted Twitter was NOT Good

At this point, it might be doubtful Elon Musk will actually take control of Twitter. After all, most of the employees don’t want him (not that he cares). Most of Twitter’s users don’t want him (not that he cares). The Twitter board surely would prefer to hang onto their salaries (not that he cares). And… Read More »

Mom Jokes: Little Johnny Learns What Makes a Country

A very old joke that still works completely… Young Johnny asks his dad how a country runs. His dad thinks and replies, “Well, it’s like this. I earn the money in the house, so I’m the rich. Your mom takes care of running the home, so she is the government. The maid is the working… Read More »

California vs. Alabama Political Ads–Part 2

The Cold War between California and Alabama politics is heating up with Alabama’s insane political ads that name check California specifically… Some of Ivey’s outrageous ads can be found here… Here’s the Joe Biden “diss” ad… The “No Way Jose” ad and the “I Like It” gun range ad can be found here,… Read More »

Mo Brooks, Mo’ Problems

In this video, Alabama Liberal recaps the strange, twist-filled partnership-turned-feud between aspiring-tyrant Donald Trump and one of his chief bootlickers: Mo Brooks…What does the Alabama senate race have to do with rightwing violence, insurrection, conservative white men labeling anything they don’t like as “woke,” and Trump’s spotty record of endorsements (and loyalty)? Watch and find… Read More »

Ranking and Grading the Seasons of “Ozark”

If “Ozark” was ever a contender for the title of “Best Crime Drama on Television” then it long ago seceded that mantle to “Better Call Saul” (another crime drama finishing its run this year, albeit in a much higher quality). “Ozark” was as frustrating as it was excellent, often alternating between choice bits of drama… Read More »

America’s Next Top Climate Activist Says America’s Enemies Run on Fossil Fuels

BUT for a more detailed video about how America’s enemies run on fossil fuels, check out this eerily prescient video from 2018 where Alabama Liberal warns that Russia will keep meddling in things as long as it has the oil revenue to do it and jack up gas prices whenever they want to punish the… Read More »