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Ranking All Pixar Films from Worst to Best

Note: Really, even “the worst” Pixar film is worth seeing, and after I got to about the mid-point of this list I realized I was just ranking different degrees of excellence (the difference between an A- and an A or even an A and an A+). It’s truly remarkable what this studio has accomplished, that an… Read More »

“Cars 3” Reviewed by a Critic that Actually Likes This Franchise

Is there a more underrated franchise out there than “Cars?” The first film was terrific, but is usually ranked in the middle-of-the-pack or towards the bottom when people begin comparing Pixar titles, and “Cars 2” is usually (wrongly) labeled “the worst Pixar film.” Even on Rotten Tomatoes, people seem surprised that they actually liked “Cars… Read More »

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Once you get past the exaggerated praise (that feels more about what’s happening outside the theater than anything shown in the movie), it’s a solid superhero movie that’s at least as good as anything Marvel  (or DC) has put out since “The Dark Knight” trilogy ended. What Works: Most critics have somewhat-myopically focused on “Wonder Woman”… Read More »

Movie Review: Captain Underpants

The title of “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Adventure” is either a hopeful promise of sequels or a threat of more early Nickeldeon-esque inanity depending on how much you liked this first installment. Like the titular hero (the brainwashed alter ego of a joyless, so-miserable-he’s-angry principal), I was somewhat divided watching it: I enjoyed long… Read More »

The Biggest Asshole in American History is…[Drum Roll]…

Note: If you missed the 10th “Biggest Asshole in American History” through the 2nd or the Runner-Up list, by all means catch up before reading further. There’s a lot of people who could’ve been chosen for the top spot, and it was pretty much a coin toss between the “Top 4” to determine their rankings. Although… Read More »

Reviewing Every Episode of “The Leftovers,” and Ranking the Seasons

Note: I’m only reviewing each individual episode in the third and final season, but I’ll have reviews of Season 1 (not so great) and Season 2 (a masterpiece). I chose not to write reviews of each episode in those seasons because it would be tedious, episode quality is more uniform in those seasons, and to be brutally honest,… Read More »

In Defense of Real Time: Bill Maher is Awesome

  Let’s not be Republican pawns and turn on THE toughest, most consistent anti-Trump voice in The Resistance. Here a “Real Time” superfan who’s seen every episode defends one of the best voices on TV for criminal justice reform, freedom from religion, and especially the environment. [People may have missed that Bill’s interview with Ben… Read More »

Movie Reviews: “War Machine” and “The Wizard of Lies”

Sadly, people are debating about whether to release any movie smaller than “Transformers”-size in a theater at all. Some argue that small and mid-size movies will be seen by a wider audience if they just stream on various platforms or Video-On Demand, but to me that would basically symbolize the death of independent cinema and… Read More »

How “The Americans” Became My Unexpected “Hate Watch”

I usually think of the term “hate watching” as applying to a show you hate yourself for watching usually involving the words “Housewives,” “Naked,” or “featuring [blank] Kardashian.” I’ve never really thought of the term applying to a series that is supposedly great quality and has a reputation for being underrated, yet you can’t help but hate what it’s become. Which… Read More »