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Hollywood is More Afraid of China than Trump

Alabama Liberal explains how China controls major Hollywood funding, American movie theaters, what films get made here (and their pro-China message), and even what actors get cast or are on China’s “red list”…

“Ladybird” is One of the Year’s Best Films

Greta Gerwig pulls off a stunning achievement with “Ladybird,” which at first looks like a strong coming-of-age story, but might actually be the first epic about millennial life…[Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” might actually have this title, but Ellar Coltrane is only 23 years old and may actually be too young to be considered a millennial.] What… Read More »

Movie Reviews of “Mudbound” and “Wheelman”

A pair of Netflix original films that are worth a watch in one case and one of the year’s best in another… Mudbound…Most films about racial tension in the Southeast take place during the 1860’s Civil War period and the slavery days right before it or the daily insults of segregation during the Civil Rights-era 1960’s (every… Read More »

Movie Reviews: “Daddy’s Home 2” Vs. “Bad Moms Christmas”

Which unnecessary sequel to a broad hit comedy shoehorned into the holiday season will win out? Wellllllllll, the similarities between them are uncanny (they have basically the same ending, and even the promise of a Vegas-set spin-off), and it’ll largely be a matter of taste in which one you like better. “Bad Moms Christmas” is… Read More »

“LBJ,” “Murder on the Orient Express,” “Victoria & Abdul,” “Only the Brave,” “Thank You For Your Service”

Five films currently in theaters, some of which I actually really liked… LBJ…Has there been a more underrated President than Lyndon Baines Johnson? One of my Top 5 favorite Presidents has had his legacy universally tarnished by Vietnam—a war that baby boomers must think is still going on judging by how their response to Trump… Read More »

Reviews: “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Foreigner,” “Geostorm,” “Suburbicon,” “Mountain Between Us”

All films currently in theaters for a nice change of pace, but not ones sufficiently exciting enough to give their own reviews to… Thor: Ragnarok…Is Marvel paying film critics? It’s a persistent theory among both DC fans and adults with good taste who wonder why Marvel product keeps getting rubber-stamped? How does a film like… Read More »

“Transformers: Whatever,” “The Wall,” “Despicable Me 3,” “Dean,” “Lowriders”

A grab bag of Summer 2017’s also-rans, but don’t worry folks, later today they’ll be no less than 10 other movie reviews of films currently in theaters… Transformers: The Last Knight…Have you ever wished that a “Transformers” film could be longer, make less sense, feature Anthony Hopkins in one of his most pitifully slumming it… Read More »

Book Reviews: Exit West, Do Not Be Alarmed, The Arrangement, All Our Wrong Todays, The Party

Five great books grouped together only by quality. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see all five of these wind up in my “Best Books of the Year” list but I know at least one of them will… Exit West by Mohsin Hamid…Hamid’s mercifully slim, fully captivating tale of the war in Syria starts by… Read More »

Book Reviews: Afterlife, The Force, The Late Show, The Destroyers, The Switch

As if you needed any more thrillers or mysteries to get you through Halloween, but if you did… Afterlife by Marcus Sakey…Fantastic. Seek this book—about an electricity and fire-free afterlife called “The Echo” populated by “eaters” who can consume the energy of others—out now. Sakey does something incredible here: weaving together a compelling romance, tense action… Read More »

Book Reviews: Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Essex Serpent, Saints and Misfits

Two YA books and a monster tale, because…well, why not? Although of them do deal with societal taboos in their own way. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee…A solid start to a new series of period-set YA adventure books following a bisexual British Lord (threatened to be cut-off by his father) on… Read More »