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What Would a DeSantis Presidency Look Like? Hint: It’s NOT a Given He’s “Less Crazy than Trump”

Since it’s more likely than not that Ron DeSantis will be the 2024 Republican nominee, many are asking “Just what would a Ron DeSantis Presidency actually look?” Like most things the media says, I disagree with the prevailing narrative that it’s guaranteed Ron DeSantis would be “less crazy than Trump.” Although we don’t know for… Read More »

What if Kamala Harris Suddenly Became President?

All over the internet, you can find various “what if?” scenarios where the white male conservative horde is practically having a panic attack at the mere idea of Kamala Harris taking over for Joe Biden. It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s already taken over for him once (when he had a colonoscopy, temporarily transferring… Read More »

Of course, Democrats are STILL the Party for Blue Collar Workers

Last week, I shot holes all through the increasingly popular Republican talking point that Democrats have “abandoned” the working class in favor of “elites,” and that Trump (a billionaire who poops on a gold toilet) changed everything. This week, I’d like to focus that message even more towards blue collar workers or jobs. After all,… Read More »

Despite Whining About “Inflation,” Republicans Actually Want to Make Price Gouging Even Worse

Republicans seem to have a mantra for the 2020 midterm elections: “crime, gas prices, inflation.” Whereas they struggled mightily to make a coherent case against Biden in the 2020 election (“Hunter Biden’s laptop is on a Ukrainian war boat stuffed with cash, cocaine, and child sex slaves. Why won’t the media cover this?”), they appear… Read More »

Republicans are STILL the Party of the Rich (and Trump Only Made that Worse)

I’ve noticed a very strange trend in recent years. It seems Republicans are actively working to brand themselves as the party of the working class since Trump paid token lip service to a few of their concerns like offshoring. Sure, he was a guy that ranted about offshoring jobs, but his own clothing line was… Read More »

300 @ 30: America’s Youngest Climate Activist Says Junk Food is as Bad for the Environment as it is for You

America’s Youngest Climate Activist drops by to help Alabama Liberal warn that junk food is not only bad for your weight loss goals, it’s also bad for the environment.

Raising the Minimum Wage (Obviously) Helps the Economy

The dynamic around raising the minimum wage has been “it’s the right thing to do for people” vs. “it’s the wrong thing to do for the economy” since forever, but it’s actually the right thing for both. Businesspeople only look at raising the minimum wage as “but I have to pay 25% more in labor… Read More »

“Why Do Some Wealthy Neighborhoods Vote Democratic?” An Answer…

Every conservative: “Well if Republicans are the party of the rich, how come Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley vote Democratic, huh?” Because these are not old money neighborhoods. Beverly Hills is actors, artists, and retired athletes—meaning these are people that probably weren’t born rich, and can remember what it’s like being poor. Same thing for… Read More »

It’s Not a “Blue State Bailout” but “Blue State Burden” when they Pay More Taxes and Drive the Economy

What Republicans say is the reason they don’t support a second stimulus: “We can’t have a blue state bailout.” But that is horseshit. Blue states pay more taxes and make up the staggering majority of American GDP. [Surprisingly, the economy does not run solely on Cracker Barrels in Wyoming.] Most & Least Federally Dependent States … Read More »

“Why Hasn’t There Been a Second Stimulus?” …Because Republicans Don’t Believe in Giving People Money, Period

Every American: “It’s been six months since the last stimulus checks. Why haven’t we gotten a second stimulus check?” Well, it’s pretty simple BUT I’m not surprised people don’t know given that our media hasn’t told them: it’s because Republicans don’t really believe in a stimulus that includes government payments to individual Americans…period. There is a reason… Read More »