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All Seasons of “Better Call Saul” Ranked, Reviewed, and Graded

“Better Call Saul” is often called the “Best Show on TV” and sometimes even “the last great TV drama,” referring to how 20’s television is definitely trending more towards “quantity” than “quality.” And it’s true that every year there are a dozen heralded “new” series that feel more like interesting trifles than shows that can… Read More »

Ranking and Grading the Seasons of “Ozark”

If “Ozark” was ever a contender for the title of “Best Crime Drama on Television” then it long ago seceded that mantle to “Better Call Saul” (another crime drama finishing its run this year, albeit in a much higher quality). “Ozark” was as frustrating as it was excellent, often alternating between choice bits of drama… Read More »

Oscar Nominations: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Per usual, there were some notable snubs and some long-shot heartbreaker snubs that Alabama Liberal was holding out hope for. However, an unusually strong Best Picture category almost makes up for it… The Good When was the last time that the two best films of the year were actually nominated for Best Picture? Well, that’s… Read More »

ALL 2021 Movies Ranked and Graded

Quick Note: Better late than never, Alabama Liberal was so far behind on his annual movies countdown that I wasn’t able to post it on New Year’s Day (a tradition) but nearly a month later. My apologies, but I think you’ll agree that 2021 was a pretty good year for movies, and hopefully find several… Read More »

Best TV Moments (or Episodes) of 2021

A few honorable mentions: I almost included Evan Peters’s shocking death in “Mare of Easttown,” but felt conflicted; while that was certainly the most shocking murder of 2021 TV, I just felt too bad for his character (one of my favorites) to really include it as a “Best” moment. Likewise, I enjoyed “Yellowstone”‘s no-fuss, no-muss… Read More »

The BEST TV Characters of 2021

I had a hard time narrowing the list down this year, and I rewrote it a few times before finally deciding to exclude a handful of favorites. The toughest cuts included: Mandy Patinkin’s wacky-yet-earnest judge in the fourth season of “The Good Fight,” Kate Winslet’s dogged detective in “Mare of Easttown,” Anthony Mackie’s soaring arc… Read More »

Ranking and Grading ALL Seasons of “Dexter”

Here’s hoping against hope Showtime won’t greenlight some God-awful Harrison spinoff, and this actually will be all the seasons of Dexter there are. The seasons of Dexter are a little hard to properly rank since the series has two bad seasons, two terrific seasons, and five that are different variations of “pretty good.” It’s those… Read More »