“Reasons to Reelect Trump”…That are Completely False

By | October 17, 2020

I keep seeing the same Republican “reasons” to reelect Trump surfacing all over the internet in a way that is not only suspicious (why the same talking points over and over?) but provably false.

I’ll now debunk a few of the ones I see the most…

1. “There’s a strong economy.”

The economy has collapsed. There is not someone who actually knows economics that thinks today’s economy is better than the one Trump has inherited.

Not to mention, the biggest stock market gains have been in the tech sector, which Trump has nothing to do with. The sectors where he’s meddled in most directly (agriculture, retail, car companies other than Tesla, manufacturing) are worse off.

2. “He’s lowered taxes for the middle class.”

My taxes went UP post-2017 “tax cuts.” What Trump did was squander trillions on corporate tax cuts during a boom economy (2017) so that there is no money now when we actually need it.

3. “He’s lowered regulations.”

It’s easy to have less regulation when you haven’t properly staffed a White House in 4 years. Several key ambassadorships have sat empty for 4 years. And the Trump administration has more turnover than a McDonald’s.

It’s also odd to argue “less regulation” for a man who’s instituted tariffs, trade wars, Muslim bans, crackdowns on immigration, floated Microsoft giving the Treasury a “cut” if they bought TikTok, wanted to block the AT&T/Time Warner merger because he hates CNN, wanted “Saturday Night Live” investigated, might’ve blocked Amazon from a cloud computing contract because he hates Bezos’s Washington Post, and routinely threatens private businesses. 

4. “Low unemploment”

On what planet is this true? The shamelessness of people…who is really dumb enough to believe the unemployment rate is good right now?

5. “Conservative judges” 

Okay, this one actually is true, but these “conservative” judges are also super-young, inexperienced judges that don’t actually know the law, and will probably be swept up in corruption scandals any day now.

Plus, who cares about this other than Republicans? Most people want competent, well-reasoned judges who apply the law equally—not ultra-partisan hacks.

6. “He’s reduced the influence of the Chinese.”

Literally the opposite. He abandoned TPP (set up to box China OUT) and they loved him for it. He has pushed many of our allies into their arms, and hasn’t even attempted to counter their growing influence in Africa and Latin America. In fact, his isolationism feeds it.

Not to mention, he was literally IMPEACHED for asking China for election help against Joe Biden, and John Bolton’s book revealed a story where Trump encouraged Xi Jinping to buy American crops from swing states to help his reelection.

7. “His trade negotiations benefitted the US.”

Trade war with China stalled out and severely hurt several economic sectors like agriculture even before CoVid hit. Countless industries sued him to end the tariffs and trade wars.

8. “Lowered gas prices.”

Easy to have low gas prices when the economy collapses and people are stuck at home due to CoVid. Before CoVid, gas prices earlier this year were on the rise.

9. “He’s stood up to Iran.”

They literally bombed and attacked American troops in Iraq and he did nothing. …Before that, he shredded an agreement that actually did contain them. They got all the money from the Iran Deal (their frozen assets were unfrozen before he backed out of the deal) but aren’t required to stick to the part that was beneficial to the US. He is an IDIOT who has been completely outfoxed because he didn’t know what he was doing.

10. “Got the troops out of foreign wars.”

Obama did that. He left Iraq, and refused to put troops in Syria—which most Republicans were demanding he do. Despite the endless hang-wringing over Benghazi, more US troops died in Sudan during Trump’s first year in office than died in the entirety of the Benghazi siege.

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