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What is Coastsplaining?

AL details his life-long struggle against Coastsplaining–and how most of the issues coastal liberals talk about (from immigration to abortion to guns to income inequality) actually affect “flyover country” more directly. Then, I propose that Trickle Down Economics got its earliest start in Plantation Economics.

Red State Vs. Blue State: Is the GOP’s #NeverTrump Movement Over?

I know, I know, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was bring back my long-lost debate feature with one where I’m essentially saying the Republican Never Trump movement is over, but I had two equally bad choices: I could either debate a Bernie Sanders fan with why Bernie should drop out of the… Read More »

Red State Vs. Blue State: Brody vs. Lauren

Today, we have a different kind of debate as it’s not red state vs. blue state so much as bad taste vs. good taste. I debate someone with equally liberal politics but horrible, horrible taste in shows (i.e. big reality TV fan). We talk about why someone would like these shows, and what horrified boyfriends… Read More »