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What is the Bluest State in America? What is the Reddest State?

As someone who’s lived all over the country, and whose blog slogan is literally “Blue in a red state,” people often ask if I can tell them what the bluest state in America is and especially if I know what the reddest state is? The bluest? Hands down, Hawaii… The state is Democratic controlled from… Read More »

What if America Actually WAS Split into Two Countries? A “Red” Nation and a “Blue” Nation?

Right below this article, I wrote one asking the question of “Why does Texas keep talking about secession?” and actually answering it instead of standing around scratching my head screaming “the world’s gone crazy” (the default position for most millionaire media pundits). But it isn’t just Texas. Even a brief glance at bot-plagued social media… Read More »

Frequently Asked Question: “Why in the Hell do Texas Republicans Keep Talking About Secession?”

Few people know that Alabama Liberal’s first (and best) unpublished manuscript was a speculative fiction spy-drama detailing what would happen if Texas actually did secede from the United States. That was written in early 2011, when then-Texas Governor Rick Perry–not yet moved on to “greater things” like resigning from the Trump administration or “Dancing with… Read More »

California vs. Alabama Political Ads–Part 2

The Cold War between California and Alabama politics is heating up with Alabama’s insane political ads that name check California specifically… Some of Ivey’s outrageous ads can be found here… Here’s the Joe Biden “diss” ad… The “No Way Jose” ad and the “I Like It” gun range ad can be found here,… Read More »

If Republicans Only Care About G.I.A. (Guns, Immigration, Abortion), Political Correctness, and Taxes–They’re Basically little Kids

“How can we understand a Republican mindset?” It’s not hard to figure out… Guns, immigration, abortion, political correctness, and taxes. Other than absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theories, these are the only five things I ever see Republicans talk about (they love the first one and they hate the other four). It’s tiresome, if I’m being honest.… Read More »

Live-Blogging the CNN Debate–Night 2

7:00–7:15…The same opening fifteen minutes of filler. Now is a good time to mention that the talk of last night’s Yahoo Comments section (a notorious dumping ground for conservative, corporate-bots) was that the debate stage didn’t have an American flag on it. It ABSOLUTELY DOES have a flag on it…a gigantic video screen flag visible… Read More »

Live-Blogging the CNN Democratic Debate–Night 1

7:00–For the first time in years, the phrase “live from Detroit” is uttered… 7:02–CNN gives an intro so over-the-top, I half expect Hank Williams Jr. to come out singing “Are you ready for some de-baaaaate!” With Bernie Sanders playing electric guitar, Buttigieg giving a blowjob on stage, and Julian Castro bursting through a paper mâché… Read More »

Alabama Political Ads vs. California Political Ads

Ad for Kay Ivey (“Tough as Nail” is ad title)… [And I could not find an ad for Gavin Newsom on YouTube, but his TV ads emphasize gun control and his record of fighting for LGBT/immigrant rights.] After watching the campaign videos, watch AL explain how two front-runners for Governor in two states he’s… Read More »

What is Coastsplaining?

AL details his life-long struggle against Coastsplaining–and how most of the issues coastal liberals talk about (from immigration to abortion to guns to income inequality) actually affect “flyover country” more directly. Then, I propose that Trickle Down Economics got its earliest start in Plantation Economics.

Red State Vs. Blue State: Is the GOP’s #NeverTrump Movement Over?

I know, I know, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was bring back my long-lost debate feature with one where I’m essentially saying the Republican Never Trump movement is over, but I had two equally bad choices: I could either debate a Bernie Sanders fan with why Bernie should drop out of the… Read More »