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What Would a DeSantis Presidency Look Like? Hint: It’s NOT a Given He’s “Less Crazy than Trump”

Since it’s more likely than not that Ron DeSantis will be the 2024 Republican nominee, many are asking “Just what would a Ron DeSantis Presidency actually look?” Like most things the media says, I disagree with the prevailing narrative that it’s guaranteed Ron DeSantis would be “less crazy than Trump.” Although we don’t know for… Read More »

What if Kamala Harris Suddenly Became President?

All over the internet, you can find various “what if?” scenarios where the white male conservative horde is practically having a panic attack at the mere idea of Kamala Harris taking over for Joe Biden. It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s already taken over for him once (when he had a colonoscopy, temporarily transferring… Read More »

Jordan Peterson Got Big Because Men Have No Role Models

In this thorough takedown, Alabama Liberal talks about the void for modern men’s role models and what’s driving millennial male anxiety, and how Jordan Peterson dusted off some very dated ideas to fill it. In this wide ranging video, AL explains how the anti-hero media culture and prosperity preaching gave rise to Trump; why (most)… Read More »

Millennials Don’t Suck (OR Why Millennials Aren’t Spoiled)

I explain why millennial-hatred is no different than how baby boomers were hated by the greatest generation, and how we might eventually hate the next generation’s habits. Then, I coin the phrase “The Degeneration Generation” to explain how millennials are actually less wealthy, less educated, underpaid, and not expected to live as long as their… Read More »

Now What? (Life Post-Grad): What to Do When 30 is Near…

  There’s a big, dark cloud looming over the near future. It seems to be consuming everything in its wake. And no matter how hard I’m trying to ignore it, I’ll soon have to face the inevitable. Sure, I could be referring to Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. Sadly, I’m talking about something much less… Read More »

Why No-Phone (as Seen on “Shark Tank”) Might Just Work…

For those that have no idea what the hell a “No Phone” is, on last night’s “Shark Tank” episode they featured a product that is the very definition of useless—or maybe not. No-Phone is a mock-phone make-up that is really just a piece of plastic made to look like an IPhone. For an extra six… Read More »