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Petty Issues: Capitol Shots, Tea Party (Brain)farts, Bitcoin Drops, London NFL Team Scoffs

The bad news: Shots were fired outside the U.S. Capitol building…The worse news: No Tea Party members were hit. Bitcoin was apparently used on a black-market website called The Silk Road, and since the authorities raided the site and arrested its founder it has dropped Bitcoin’s valuation nearly 20 percent. Right…uhhh…I totally understand how Bitcoin works and… Read More »

Petty Issues: 50 Shades In, True Blood Out, Drugs are Mixed

After months of casting hype, the 50 Shades of Grey movie finally has its two lead stars…Is it Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (as E.L. James originally wanted, these books started as Twilight fan fiction, after all)? Nope…Is it Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt? Nope…Is it Chris Evans and Shailene Woodley at least?! Nope…It’s…drum roll… Read More »

Petty Issues: NASCAR’s First Black Female Driver, Swift vs. Fey, Baldwin vs. Lebouf, and Chris Brown Shows His Ass Once Again

Tia Norfleet has been promoting herself as NASCAR’s first female driver, and now there’s a controversy because NASCAR is “uncomfortable” with that label since Tia hasn’t actually competed in a top-tier race or finished a second-tier one. So let me get this straight…a pr-ready, very attractive driver wants to try to make NASCAR look a… Read More »