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General Thoughts on this Supreme Court’s Typically Moronic and Scary Affirmative Action Decision

There is no conceivable justification for this decision other than this current court’s mantra of “we’ll do it because we can.” —Many clueless white conservatives (and Asians) have already answered that only SATs should be used for college admissions—apparently ignorant that SATs have a long standing racial bias and several states/colleges are excluding them altogether. —It is outrageous… Read More »

Why Do People Who Earned Nothing on Merit Keep Championing a “Meritocracy?”

Recently, Donald Trump celebrated the Supreme Court’s typically moronic decision to do away with affirmative action in college admissions. Naturally, Trump would celebrate this since he is a lifelong bigot with an inferiority complex about any qualified black person getting even the slightest “advantage” over a guy who would be lucky to get a job… Read More »

Exactly Why the Left Hates Clarence Thomas

Every white bigot on social media: “Because he’s black. Of course, Democrats are the true racists.” Clarence Thomas does not represent the views of 99% of black people (since they, generally, don’t appreciate efforts to stop them from voting or dismantling their civil rights). To say, most black Americans don’t see eye-to-eye with him on… Read More »

The REAL Reason for Elon Musk’s Bizarre Anti-Trans Bigotry

Many liberals know that Elon Musk has taken such a bizarre stance against transgender people, that he makes J. K. Rowling look like an ally. Most recently, he banned the word “cisgender” from Twitter, and called it a slur. This is yet another sad day for Twitter, and a true sign of how far it’s… Read More »

Anti-Abortion Nuts Don’t REALLY Care About Kids

We’ve all seen the nuts who go outside abortion clinics and scream at the women or staff who enter. Sometimes, they even bring their own kids there to hold up signs and help them shame women on a day they’d surely rather be left alone. Similarly, there’s a battalion of online trolls (usually older men,… Read More »

No, Lincoln Could Not Have Just “Bought” the Slaves from the South. Here’s Why the Civil War Could NOT be Avoided…

Bad ideas are like herpes: they never really go away, and you’re kind-of stuck with them forever. One of the most persistent bad ideas in American history is the notion that Abraham Lincoln specifically or the Northern states generally could’ve simply “bought” the Southern slaves and then freed them. [I think this might be particularly… Read More »

The Real Reason Elon Musk Wanted Twitter was NOT Good

At this point, it might be doubtful Elon Musk will actually take control of Twitter. After all, most of the employees don’t want him (not that he cares). Most of Twitter’s users don’t want him (not that he cares). The Twitter board surely would prefer to hang onto their salaries (not that he cares). And… Read More »

Of Course, MLK Jr. Would Be a Democrat Today

It was quite strange to see all of the “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn’t support today’s Democratic Party” tweets and postings on MLK Day, especially since it was only a few days before the Inauguration of Joe Biden and a couple of weeks after Neo-confederates received clear Republican backing to try to decapitate congress.… Read More »

Today’s SCOTUS Doesn’t Reflect America. Why that’s a Huge Problem

Most rational people: “Today’s SCOTUS is not even remotely reflective of the United States of America, is that a problem?” Conservative white male Heritage Foundation Horde: “Not at all!” But, of course, it is… To be honest, I don’t see that many people other than fanatical conservatives who really pay attention to judge races. However,… Read More »

The Supreme Court had to save an innocent man because Kay Ivey would not

Once again, Alabama is in the national news. And just like the wild senate race between disgraced pedophile Roy Moore and unemployed ex-Trump bootlicker Jeff Sessions, it was not for something positive. Civil Rights activists had been begging Alabama’s notoriously hard-hearted Governor and closet day-time drunk Kay Ivey to stop the execution of Nathaniel Woods.… Read More »