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The Supreme Court had to save an innocent man because Kay Ivey would not

Once again, Alabama is in the national news. And just like the wild senate race between disgraced pedophile Roy Moore and unemployed ex-Trump bootlicker Jeff Sessions, it was not for something positive. Civil Rights activists had been begging Alabama’s notoriously hard-hearted Governor and closet day-time drunk Kay Ivey to stop the execution of Nathaniel Woods.… Read More »

Interracial Couples Will Save the World

Those that saw the last video know my son was deteremined to get some face time, so I held him while trying to explain how interracial couples will save the world, and why people who doubt that are full of it since we don’t live in a world where interracial couples are anywhere near 50%,… Read More »

It’s Ok to ONLY Interracially Date

I thought I’d make a video about why people who prefer interracial dating shouldn’t be bullied, and how it’s the last sexual group it’s okay to openly mock, but my son had other plans–crashing the party at about the mid-point where I push back against the notion “too many people interracially date” (often said about… Read More »

12 Most Common Stereotypes About Black Women/White Male Relationships

Note: I actually wrote this for an interracial couples Facebook group many years ago before Alabama Liberal even existed, but since plenty of other people have re-posted in the years since, why not the person who actually wrote it? Since it’s “Loving Day” (an underrated holiday that didn’t even trend on twitter this year), it’s the… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Ted Cruz and Roy Moore Gone in the Same Week, is Social Conservatism in Trouble?

I just can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face these days. It’s not every week that sees Ted Cruz drop out of The White House race amid much controversy and embarrassing moments that might compromise him down the road (although he’s not full-blown finished like Jeb and Rubio). And it’s an even rarer… Read More »

Why Are Republicans Acting Like They Didn’t Write the Southern Strategy?

“Donald Trump is a racist!” “Donald Trump is getting support from the Ku Klux Klan!” “Donald Trump is drawing white supremacists becaue of his racially divisive rhetoric!” And that’s just what the Republicans are saying about him. The exact question of how racist Donald Trump is may be the best one of the campaign season.… Read More »

Wish I Could Give Two Shits About the Super-Bowl…

“Who are you for: Denver or Carolina?”–A real question asked during the GOP debate. Ben Carson—of all people–gave the most diplomatic answer with “I can predict with 100% certainty that either Denver or Carolina will win the game.” And even thought that was an unusual moment for Carson—if the dude has a joke that actually… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Yes, the Voting Rights Act is Still Necessary

This week, Justice Scalia (who can always be counted on to be the most retrograde, painfully ignorant judge on the bench) questioned whether the Voting Rights Act was still necessary. He basically inferred that it unfairly punished the Southern states for their racist past, and also called it an entitlement for minorities. He seemed to… Read More »

How Did I Do on Last Year’s New Year’s Resolutions

On January 8th, I posted a Sunday’s Sermon about my resolutions for 2012, calling it “New Year’s Revolution,” and getting all pumped about all the things I was going to give up in the brave new wonderful known as 2012, the year some of us thought the world might end. [I guess I figured it… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermon: Domino’s Sues Over Birth Control Mandate, is the War on Women Back?

While a senseless tragedy dominates the news cycle in an equally senseless way (sorry, but at this point, it’s exploiting the tragedy more than really covering it), a story that might affect a whole lot more people has slipped through the cracks. In case the headline didn’t give away, that story is Domino’s Pizza founder… Read More »