Petty Issues: Donald and Jeb “The Tortured Bromance” Edition…

By | February 26, 2016

[Author note: Don’t worry guys, with Super-Tuesday right around the corner, we’ll have some good stuff up this weekend. But as I take a small break with petty issues over a larger editorial, you might want to check out this week’s new podcast, episode ten was just posted and it’s loaded with good stuff.]

I could just imagine Trump sighing at this week’s GOP debate, looking longingly over at Jeb’s corner of the stage, thinking “I only just began to torment him.” I could see a thought bubble over Trump’s head playing a highlight reel of all the times he berated Jeb to the song “Memories.”

While the rest of the Republicans were fighting it out, Jeb checked into a battered women’s shelter to heal his campaign wounds. “I’m free. I’m finally free.”

It’s also worth noting that this is the first debate George H.W. Bush attended…the one right after his son dropped out of the race. All this even though Jeb kept gushing about how his dad was the greatest man alive. Wow, the Bush family and their weird rivalries and inter-dynamics. They don’t need an Oval Office, they need a family therapist’s office.

Was it just me or did Trump seem oddly checked out this debate? Like he wasn’t really listening to what they were saying because he was too busy carving “Jeb sucks” into the podium or plotting to drive to Jeb’s house with a megaphone and yell “Deport Columba Bush!”

Asshole of the Week: Probably Rubio and Cruz since they will never really have with Donald what Jeb had with Donald. Some of Trump’s best put-downs of Jeb (in just the last two weeks) “Yeah, Jeb you’re a real tough guy.” “Jeb is a sad case really.” “He talks about his mother [Barbara Bush],well she should be running.”

2 thoughts on “Petty Issues: Donald and Jeb “The Tortured Bromance” Edition…

  1. Nancy

    Loved on SNL when a satirical skip called Jeb——Jebra. Referring that he was a girl.

    He whined like a girl.

  2. Christopher

    The whole election issue is a petty issue.
    We need to reform our system.

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