Series Finale of “Mad Men” and Ranking the Seasons

Sometimes, when you’ve been watching a TV show for 7 seasons (that were really stretched over nine years) and said TV show has always inspired conflicting emotions—like “Is Mad Men really that good or are we getting suckered by the prestigious vibe?” or “Was that last episode just straight-up depressing and unsatisfying or true art…which is often depressing and… Read More »

Movie Review: Far From the Madding Crowd

I’m conflicted about this because on the one hand this is a quiet independent film taking place in a long ago period that has the guts to open anywhere near the summer movie season, but on the other hand this is still technically a remake of a remake of an adaptation. What’s wrong with this picture when… Read More »

Monday Morning Movie Reviewer: Mad Max: Fury Road

A thrilling, suspenseful, but ultimately limited movie that is really an extended chase scene. Even though this is a sequel/reboot, I think it might be as close as we get to an original blockbuster this summer, and I certainly can’t knock it for at least seeming different than the competition. What Works: Charlize Theron is really the star… Read More »

Movie Review: Monkey Kingdom

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a big fan of these Disney nature documentaries, but this might be my least favorite out of the crop that I’ve seen. It’s a definite comedown after last year’s “Bears” which was the best of the ones I’ve seen and just an all-around good documentary based around compelling “characters” you… Read More »

Movie Review: The Water Diviner

Mea Culpa: This is really more of a partial review as I actually had a…well, a difficult time staying “fully conscious” during this movie. Part of that is my fault, but I will say that the thirty minutes or so of this movie that I missed really didn’t make me want to go back and re-watch it either.… Read More »

Movie Review: Ex Machina

Critical acclaim is a funny thing. Last year’s mega-flop “Transcendent” dealt Johnny Depp his 40th consecutive misfire and was uniformly dismissed by critics. But it also dealt with the question of artificial intelligence or “the singularity” in a way that felt—to this reviewer—interesting and at least somewhat unique. It showed that A.I. may not be something to… Read More »