Episode 49–Mission Unaccomplished

If you enjoyed our amazing 50-state tour, why not recommend us to ANYONE that can help get this podcast syndicated? The next episode is our last one unless we get sponsors or syndication…

300 at 30: Episode 22–Food Culture Finale–Los Angeles

After visiting the fried deliciousness and BBQ of Alabama, the “tapas” (crumbs) of NYC light-eating and heavy drinking, and the deep-dish mediocrity of Minnesota food, our stunning conclusion to the food culture series brings us to ultra-buff Los Angeles where gyms outnumber buffets by a 20-to-1 ratio…What’s the difference in NorCal and SoCal? What’s it… Read More »

TV Reviews: “Crashing,” “Legion,” and “Big Little Lies”

HBO debuted two very different series this past Sunday that both show promise, while FX’s “Legion” may already be slightly overrated… Legion…Blame it on Marvel, but even top TV talent like Noah Hawley (“Fargo”) has been snapped up to adapt their decades-old second-tier characters. The title character is supposedly a powerful mutant in the X-Men… Read More »

Twelve Painful Truths Democrats Must Accept to Rebuild the Party

I don’t want to sugarcoat it: the Democratic Party is in trouble. It is at its lowest level since the late 1920’s and possibly even worse than that when you consider Hawaii (one of only three states including Rhode Island and Delaware where Democrats control the state legislature trifecta and all congressional representation) wasn’t yet a state at that time.… Read More »

Alabama Liberal’s 6th Anniversary and Upcoming Features

February 7th 2011, a date that will live in infamy…just kidding, it was the official launch date of Alabama Liberal and I can honestly say it’s been a great six years. Sure, I’ve been slacking on some features—people most often ask for more Bubba’s Sex Tips, Sunday’s Sermons, Red State Vs. Blue State, and Mom… Read More »

How the Super Bowl Became a Part of the Culture Wars

Since when do so many people like the Atlanta Falcons? Since they were up against Tom Brady and the empire of evil, that’s when. You might have noticed that it seemed like an awful lot of people were pulling for the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday, and there were a lot of broken hearts when… Read More »