Movie Review: Okja

Heralded as Netflix’s “breakthrough into mainstream film success”—which people have said about Adam Sandler’s Netflix-only projects or oscar-contender “Beasts of No Nation” years ago—the latest film from Snowpiercer’s versatile Bong Joon-Ho is about a genetically engineered super-pig that looks more like a hippopotamus with Dumbo ears. The pig is raised in the seclusion of the… Read More »

Why Are Entertainment Journalists Happy Netflix is Cancelling Shows?

A weird trend has been taking place lately in regards to news coverage of Netflix. And I don’t just mean that the Netflix has started cancelling series. In fact, I was pretty unaware that the network had a reputation for not cancelling series. But don’t worry because many, many headlines made me aware of this fact by loudly trumpeting… Read More »

In Memorandum of Cinemax’s Terrific “The Knick” and “Quarry”

I’m not sure what’s worse: that Cinemax cancelled the two best series they’ve ever put on the air or that the news was so low-key most fans of the series (like myself) didn’t even know they had been cancelled. Although I think there might be something even worse: Cinemax’s casual mentioning that they would no longer even… Read More »

Movie Review: 47 Meters Down

Just judging by the trailer, I pretty much dismissed this as a “The Shallows” knock-off with two women instead of Blake Lively. And even though it still pretty much is—don’t pretend this would’ve gotten made if “The Shallows” had flopped last year during the exact same time period—it’s more than worth watching on a big… Read More »

Movie Review: The Mummy

Can a movie sometimes benefit from bad expectations? Absolutely, because I was told this movie was so bad that when it did something right—and it does in a few scenes—it almost made me feel I was watching a good movie. But really I wasn’t… What Works: There are a handful of standout sequences, but except for… Read More »

Movie Review: Shimmer Lake, A Dog’s Purpose, Split

Sometimes a movie slips through the cracks, and I eventually catch up to it… Shimmer Lake…It’s too bad this twisty, well-crafted noir film didn’t get a theaterical release because I feel the Netflix-only model is tantamount to getting buried with a “straight to DVD” release. There are 100s of new things on Netflix every single… Read More »

TV Review: “GLOW” the Rare Critically-Beloved Series that Deserves Its Praise

GLOW…It’s tempting to dismiss “Glow”‘s critical praise as “Well, it’s a show about female empowerment, did you really think critics were going to shit on it?” But its larger empowerment themes are actually just sweet icing on an excellently acted, well-scripted, crisply directed cake that seems to have an actual narrative that’s actually going somewhere. [I would… Read More »