Why is Each Democratic Candidate Running?

It’s true that there are only 5 candidates who even have a shot at the nomination (Biden, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg, Sanders—in that order), and maybe not even that many. BUT the polls have had the same top 5 for pretty much all of 2019, and Iowa’s only 4 months away. For another candidate to get… Read More »

The Fall Movies I’m Most (and Least) Looking Forward to

August is upon us, and that means fans of adult movies might, maybe, kind-of, sort-of get something besides a reboot of a sequel of an adaptation from a superhero remake. There’s still plenty of stuff for the Comic-Con crowd–because, well, when is there not these days? But if you’re experiencing sci-fi/fantasy burnout (other than “John… Read More »

Part 2–1968, the Year that Broke the Democratic Party

AL goes deep into the year that broke the Democratic Party and the last time Democrats had real, unfettered political power. In 1968, the party broke into the establishment (LBJ, Humphrey), Social Justice Warrior establishment (RFK), Bernie progressives (Eugene McCarthy), and Dixiecrats (then George Wallace, today would be Trumpers).