Episode 70–Trump is Afraid of Biden; What Else Matters?

In this episode, Alabama Liberal gives his prediction on how each big purple state will vote, how Trump has “no real line of attack” against Biden that won’t backfire, and who Joe Biden should pick as his running mate. He also takes on the “enthusiasm gap” for Biden, by making an airtight case that Biden… Read More »

The Best Father’s Day Movies for…”Complicated” Relationships

Not everybody has Phil Dunphy as a dad, and even though TV rarely shows fathers as warts-and-all (Tony Soprano, Vic Mackey, and Walter White are closer to villains on their respective shows), luckily there’s been enough movies to have your Father’s Day entertainment covered… If your father was a monster you should watch…“Affliction,” Nick Nolte… Read More »

Episode 69–Trumpageddon, is he Bringing on Biblical Plagues?

In this single-topic episode, Alabama Liberal floats the idea that Trump (the luckiest mofo on the planet) made a literal deal with the devil and now the Biblical plagues have started as a result from race riots to natural disasters to Asian murder hornets/Cicadas and, of course, the deadliest worldwide virus in decades.

Episode 68–Millennials to the Rescue…Maybe

In this episode, Alabama Liberal looks at whether Joe Biden even really needs the youth vote and especially if it’s realistic to expect millennials to save the environment, the economy, and elections themselves. Also, he takes shots at everyone from pompous radio hosts to single people whining during Coronavirus.

Episode 67–Damnation.Tarnation.Trumpnation

In a follow-up episode to “Traitor.Treason.Trump,” AL takes a closer look at Trump’s “unique” fanbase–their hopes, their dreams, and the nightmares they inflict on the rest of us. By looking at exactly what motivates them, Alabama Liberal also reveals the only tactic he’s used that’s successfully changed their minds.

Episode 66–We Need to Talk about China

Alabama Liberal does a deep dive into America’s strange relationship with China, and asks several great questions like: why did we think it was a good idea to offshore our middle class to the US’s only real geopolitical, economic, and military rival? How is it okay to allow China to have unprecedented control over American… Read More »