Episode 67–Damnation.Tarnation.Trumpnation

In a follow-up episode to “Traitor.Treason.Trump,” AL takes a closer look at Trump’s “unique” fanbase–their hopes, their dreams, and the nightmares they inflict on the rest of us. By looking at exactly what motivates them, Alabama Liberal also reveals the only tactic he’s used that’s successfully changed their minds.

Episode 66–We Need to Talk about China

Alabama Liberal does a deep dive into America’s strange relationship with China, and asks several great questions like: why did we think it was a good idea to offshore our middle class to the US’s only real geopolitical, economic, and military rival? How is it okay to allow China to have unprecedented control over American… Read More »

Episode 65–How will CoVid change us? AND introducing the alphabetical primary

After answering a few great questions (Why did Bernie Sanders really drop out? How will CoVid change the way we behave? And how does Alabama Liberal know Tara Reade is lying?), I point out the very real flaws in letting Iowa–where Joe Biden did terribly–continue to be first in the nation even though they are… Read More »

America has the world’s rightwing healthcare system

Alabama Liberal explains the origins of America’s employer-based healthcare system, why it’s a huge conflict of interest, the ridiculous resistance to price caps on pharmaceutical drugs, and lastly the hidden role that doctors play in not changing the system. Ultimately, he tells why “Republican healthcare reform” is a myth because they love the current system.

Episode 64–The Recession is Here. Let’s Invest

AL rebukes the denial that a recession isn’t here and the raging bull market will be back by the 4th of July if only Trump can restart the country by Easter: it ain’t happening. After explaining why things are about to get much worse for the economy (and why so many top companies are loaded… Read More »