Discover One of TV’s Hidden Treasures, “Nathan for You”

If you’re not watching Comedy Central’s “Nathan For You,” then do yourself a favor and catch up with it. This is one of the funniest shows on TV that seemingly no one has heard of, and that’s a shame because I haven’t watched an episode yet that didn’t have real, genuine belly laughs.

The show is a More >

Movie Review: “The Giver” When Other Critics Just Don’t Get It

It happens, sometimes critics are just flat-out wrong on a film. It’s rare, and it doesn’t happen a lot (sorry, but most movies they pan really do suck), but you can set your watch to the kind of movie it will happen to: it is almost always a mid-budget movie with some serious ambition that critics More >

Movie Review: What If

Most people have probably never heard of this Daniel Radcliffe-starring indie romantic comedy, and that’s because it narrowly falls through the cracks of most “on the radar” criteria. It’s too small to be considered a mainstream release, and the reviews aren’t good enough to make it an art house More >

Movie Review: “Let’s Be Cops”

This turd somehow became a surprise mini-hit this weekend, taking in almost as much as its tiny budget, and beating out Expendables 3 at the box office…hmmm, a Let’s Be Cops vs. Expendables 3 battle, talk about the land where dwarfs cast tall shadows.

What Works: The idea of Jake Johnson (the poor More >

Movie Review: “Boyhood” The Next Contemporary Classic

If “Snowpiercer” is talked about by cult fans for years to come, then I can imagine “Boyhood” being talked about by film scholars for decades to come. The film springs from a deceptively simple “gimmick” of following the same cast for 12 years (director Richard Linklater worked on the cheap, and More >

Movie Review: “Snowpiercer” The Next Cult Classic

It’s almost out of theaters now, but you can watch it on-demand. I still think it’s best viewed in a theater if you can find one. Regardless, something tells me this film will become a cult classic, and indie theaters might play the occasional screening every now and then.

The Plot: In the More >

Movie Review: A Most Wanted Man

A difficult film to review since I’m a big fan of the John Le Carre spy novel its based on. Like most of Le Carre’s work, it’s not really a spy thriller (the action usually comes only at the very end), and works more as literary fiction than Jason Bourne.

The plot is about a mysterious Muslim who More >

Movie Review: Lucy

I can remember having a good time with this film while I was in the theater, but can’t remember much about it even a few days later. Much like the drug Lucy takes, the early high doesn’t last long…

What Works: Luc Besson hasn’t made many good movies over the course of his long career, so I would More >

Movie Review: Wish I Was Here

Zac Braff’s follow-up to Garden State may have received slight bias before anyone even saw it, as this is the movie where Braff raised 2 million on Kick Starter to make it…even though I’m sure he has that much money left over from the Scrubs days, and really should have used his own bank account. More >

Movie Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

That convoluted title might be a mouthful, but this sequel of a remake defies expectations by not being terrible. It seems that someone may have finally figured out that apes-vs.-human battles is what people go to a Planet of the Apes-film to watch.

What Works: Andy Serkis is incredible as lead ape More >

Movie Review: The Purge: Anarchy

Just because a film is a lot better than the first one doesn’t necessarily make it worth watching. That’s the dilemma I have with whether or not to recommend The Purge 2. Hmmm…decisions, decisions…

What Works: The first movie was one of the bottom ten-percent of last year’s list, a faux-political More >

Movie Review: Begin Again

A soft musical that might have you leaving the theater in a good mood, but doesn’t stay with you long afterwards.

It’s about a frayed record label executive who’s watched his indie boutique turn corporate (Mark Ruffalo) and thinks Keira Knightley’s fresh voice will be his way back to…the middle? More >

Movie Review: Planes: Fire and Rescue

Just because an animated movie is aimed squarely at kids, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t try. All of the best Disney and Pixar films know that, but the “Planes” franchise doesn’t seem to. This dated and half-assed sequel is even less inspired than the original, and you can’t help but feel it’s all a More >

Movie Review: Tammy

By now, there’s no point kicking this bomb—-which pretty much everyone in the country has already been forewarned about—-and the only thing I can tell you is to keep checking back today for reviews of more recent movies.

What Works: Not much…Susan Sarandon adds an occasional dollop of flash as More >

Ranking the Seasons of “24″

Another season of “24″ drew to a close last night, and although the reboot wasn’t quite as exciting as past seasons, I think most fans would rather have some form of 24 than nothing. But what about new fans who maybe are wondering which of the show’s first 8 seasons to watch or skip on Netflix? More >

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