Episode 32–Are Strict Constitutionalists the American Taliban?

In the first part of our “Sacred Cows” trilogy, we take on Strict Constitutionalists. [Don’t worry, we don’t mean the title literally like they’re actually as violent…discounting Ted “Zodiac Killer” Cruz and his JFK murdering papa.] We ask such burning questions as: does anyone really give a shit about the men’s Olympic events? Why do […]

Episode 31–Do Hillary’s Scandals Matter? “The Passion of Hillary”

In this episode, we put Hillary on trial for her various “crimes” and see just how much people really care about Benghazi, “emailgate,” and Hillary’s failure to tip a waitress at brunch. We ponder just what exactly Republicans are hoping to find in Hillary’s emails—like a torrid affair with Joe Biden—and if people really care […]

Episode 30–But Seriously, Can Trump Win?

Trying to cut through all the noise we look at the biggest question in the three months between now and election day: “but seriously, does Donald Trump have a shot in hell at becoming President?” We break down where Trump’s support (or lack of) is coming from, why some people associate his name with success, […]

Petty Issues: Democratic National Convention Edition

After Tim Kaine gave part of his VP acceptance speech in Spanish, Ann Coulter went furiously to work on her new book “How Tim Kaine Conspired with Hondurans to Ruin America! A Liberal Plot.”
Seeing every big name Democrat in the known universe give speeches at the DNC this week seems a little lop-sided with the […]

Episode 29–Are the Outsiders Really Elites?

We break-down the strange myth that Donald Trump is an outsider or that 2016 is the Year of The Outsider with mega-wealthy candidates like Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, and Trump–who collects politicians Vito Corleone-style “like so many pennies in my pocket.” We recap the RNC, the running mate selections for both campaigns, wonder why the […]

Mike Pence? Really?…Maybe Trump Should’ve Picked Ivanka

“Who’s Trump going to pick?” was the breathless speculation for months. “Will it be a former primary foe like Rubio or Kasich?” “No, no, it’ll be a woman like Joni Ernst, he’s gotta pick a woman.” “Nope, it’ll be someone currently in congress to help get bills passed like Bob Corker or even”–hilariously–“Jeff Sessions.” “Nah, […]

Episode 28–Abortion….This Again?

Closing out our Guns, Immigration, and Abortion trilogy we talk about that most uncomfortable of hot buttons in a way that is at least unusual. We relate personal stories and sometimes strangely funny experiences with looking at exactly what it would look like to re-criminalize abortion, why no other industrialized country even talks about doing […]

“The Legend of Tarzan” Knows the Words but Not the Rhythm

A movie that is naggingly unsatisfying. It has a lot of good elements that never quite gel into a really worthwhile whole, despite coming close…
What Works: So just what is missing in this Tarzan? You’ve got Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan, Margo Robbie as Jane, Christoph Waltz as your generic villain, Samuel L. Jackson as the lovable sidekick, […]

Movie Review: Independence Day Resurgence

A movie that seems built to be forgotten before you’ve stepped out of the theater. Not quite an utter betrayal of the first “Independence Day” (which was not exactly “Saving Private Ryan” itself), but a downgrade in almost every way, including—weirdly enough—the effects.
What Works: Not much. The first “Independence Day” movie (made almost exactly 20 years ago) […]

Episode 27–What is an American? [The Immigration Episode]

In the second part of our trilogy we talk about immigration in a way that is fitting for the 4th of July. In a wide-ranging episode we talk Brexit, Trump (unfortunately), how immigration fears are not uniquely American, how England outside of London is really Connecticut in the 50’s, if other countries are more xenophobic […]