Movie Review: 50 Shades of Grey

I can’t say I’ve had the privilege of reading the “50 Shades” books, but I honestly did go into the movie with an open mind. That being said, you can tell that an X-rated book has been turned into an R-rated movie, and even though most people have said the movie is better written than… Read More »

Movie Review: The Kingsman

Only six weeks into the new year, and 2014 has its first better-than-good mainstream movie. Kingsman is well-acted, excellently cast, staged with cunning action sequences, and may be the most genuine fun I’ve had at a movie in months. Don’t let me oversell it though, the film’s not perfect… What Works: I’m only a sporadic Colin… Read More »

Movie Review: Song of the Sea

Don’t make the same mistake I did and see this in a theater. This is an Oscar nominee for Best Animated Film that 99 percent of people will never hear of, and I think it would be a much better movie to watch at home when expectations are a lot more…”reasonable.” What Works: It’s a story seeped in… Read More »