Episode 45–What the Fuck Happened?

In our first post-election episode (in which Hillary was supposed to be the 45th President) we go through the five stages of grief regarding Trump’s “win” and America’s loss. It’s our longest episode yet, and perhaps a bit scattered but I’m hoping an emotional listener will relate as we ask: who are the five types […]


Grading Trump’s Potential 2020 Challengers…

If Trump actually does become the 45th President of the United States (and I hope not, AuditTheVote), then he’ll become the least popular incoming President in history. His approval numbers are now more unfavorable than favorable, a rarity for a first-term president who hasn’t even taken office yet.
The race for The White House will begin […]

What Could Stop Trump From Becoming President? A List…

At this point, those of us desperate enough to stop Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States—and we are legion—are focusing on getting the electorale college to vote for Hillary when they certify the results in December. Now it’s true that this has never happened before, but there’s plenty of good reason it should […]

Why Bernie Sanders is to Blame for President Trump

In the week since Trump pulled off the most shocking Presidential victory since Harry Truman beat Dewey, the finger has been pointing in dozens of different directions at the same time with the deafening question “Who’s to blame?” And the answers are so varied, I’m beginning to wonder if secretly I’m to blame for it.
Hillary’s campaign blames […]


Sorry our country elected Donald Trump.
Sorry that “Thanksgiving” may be the last Thursday of the month, but “Sorry Day” is now the first Tuesday of it.
Sorry America still has the electoral college system.
Sorry that even though not one President from after 1888 to before 2000 lost the popular vote but won the electoral college (112 […]

Episode 44–Why Are We Democrats?

In the last episode before we finally know who the 45th President will be (hint, starts with an H and ends with an illary Clinton), we rally the troops by talking about why we’re Democrats. Burning questions include: seriously, how did two guys from Alabama wind up as Democrats? How will each swing state vote […]

Monday Morning Movie Review: Under the Shadows

Every year, there’s at least one horror movie that capitalizes on this new trend of “personal horror” meaning films that are about a little more than slashing up teenagers and may explore more intimate fears like sex (It Follows), mothering (The Badabook), religion (The Witch), or dinner parties (The Invitation). “Under the Shadows” can now […]

Movie Review: Queen of Katwe

The Disney film about a young Ugandan girl (newcomer Madina Nalwanga as Phiona Mutesi) living in extreme poverty who gradually becomes a chess master. David Oyelowo plays her ultra-supportive coach and a (heavier than usual) Lupita N’yongo plays her more ambiguous mother.
What Works: Director Mira Nair treats it more like an intimate play than a rousing […]