Episode 83–Gentrification & Globalization

A jam-packed episode that includes everything from Alabama Liberal’s correct prediction of how the media would move on from the Cuomo scandal to personal stories about living in Minneapolis and their police department. Then AL seeks to understand why liberals view globalization as positive, and gentrification as negative. Questions are asked like: Is cultural appropriation… Read More »

The Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 2010s

In the 2010s, it seemed like science-fiction (and fantasy) dominated movies, and it was sometimes hard to find wide-release movies that weren’t sci-fi. So being the “best” at what was–by far–the most popular genre of movies is no small feat. It would be a little bit like being the “best” Western movies of the 1950’s… Read More »

Episode 82–A Tale of Two Counties: Orange, CA and Marshall, AL

In the last part of his trilogy looking at the future, present, and now past of the culture wars, AL makes some surprising discoveries about two seemingly unrelated counties: Orange County, California (which went from famously red to blue…ish) and Marshall County, Alabama (which did the opposite) where a surprising number of Alabama state leaders… Read More »

If Republicans Only Care About G.I.A. (Guns, Immigration, Abortion), Political Correctness, and Taxes–They’re Basically little Kids

“How can we understand a Republican mindset?” It’s not hard to figure out… Guns, immigration, abortion, political correctness, and taxes. Other than absolutely ludicrous conspiracy theories, these are the only five things I ever see Republicans talk about (they love the first one and they hate the other four). It’s tiresome, if I’m being honest.… Read More »

Episode 81–The Culture Wars: “Cancel,” Campus, CoVid, Police, and More

In a wide-ranging episode about the various culture wars, Alabama Liberal investigates if “Cancel” culture is even real, campus culture is really out of control, police culture is the real problem, and the vast differences in how different cultures are tackling CoVid. By looking at factors that supposedly created Trump (backlash to political correctness), he… Read More »

Truths that Republicans Must Accept to Become Happy

—That they are not under attack. The country has just shifted from their values and quietly moved on without them. But being (willingly) left behind is not the same thing as being attacked. —That they (primarily white people) are not just as threatened as minorities. And also… —That they are under no real threat from minorities. —That Trump’s support… Read More »