Movie Round-Up: The Lost City of Z, Snatched, Gifted, The Bad Batch

Today rounds up a series of films where Anglos are in peril in hostile, lawless lands, including the state of Florida in the case of “Gifted”… The Bad Batch…In yet another Dystopian vision of America (sigh), former model Suki Waterhouse—whose best performance so far was pretending to love Bradley Cooper for two years while she… Read More »

Is Roy Moore’s Win a Good Thing for Democrats?

Many loyal readers have been wondering why I’ve been oddly silent on Alabama’s special-election senate race, only commenting occasionally back when Mo Brooks was still in the race, and before it was officially a two-man race earning the hilariously appropriate moniker “Moore/Strange.” To be sure, both men suck—a corrupt Attorney General quid-pro-quo’d into a senate… Read More »

TV Review: “Episodes” and “The Good Place”

Episodes…Halfway through its fifth and final season, “Episodes” is playing to its already established strengths (a showbiz-satire that’s actually accurate, sharp dialogue, and Matt LeBlanc’s excellent skewering of himself, he’s clearly enjoying the best role he’ll likely ever get) more than risking it all on too many bold new directions, but that’s probably for the… Read More »

TV Reviews: “The Deuce,” and “Outlander”

The premieres of two big period dramas were last Sunday, and I had a somewhat mixed reaction to them overall, even as I’ll freely admit I’m excited to see where both go… The Deuce…In a bizarre way, David Simon’s new HBO series (loaded with sex scenes, most of which aren’t sexy) is just as romantic… Read More »