Episode 38–How (Not) to Make It in the Media

Really and truly folks, how many podcasts could give you everything you wanted to know about the media in just one episode? I’m talking Brody’s adventures trying to make movies in Alabama, getting cast in things in Los Angeles, trying to publish books in New York, and striving to crack that ever-elusive club of bloggers […]

Episode 37–Are Fossil Fuels Holding Us Back?

In the second part of our “Big Things” trilogy, we look at the biggest thing: climate crisis. After debunking the various (cough, bullshit, cough) climate change denials, we look at getting rid of fossil fuels and what that would really mean. Questions asked (and answered) include: Is climate crisis contributing to terrorism? Is it more […]

Episode 36–In Defense of Teachers [The Education Episode]

In one of our best episodes yet, Brody and Michael go deep on a topic often discussed, but rarely understood: education. Questions are asked (and answered) like: why are teacher’s unions the most misunderstood organizations in America? Why are they so often scapegoated for education’s ills? Why are Charter Schools a “cure” that’s worse than […]

Book Review: the Terrific “Movie Freak”

Great books about movies are rare, and books that manage to truly capture the feeling movies can give you (like Patton Oswalt’s “Silver Screen Fiend”) are even rarer. Yet Owen Gleiberman’s “Movie Freak” may be the best book about movies I’ve ever read, and is the best book ever written about the lure of films, as evidenced from the book’s […]

Book Reviews: “The Girls,” “Barkskins,” and “Lily and the Octopus”

It may seem like a cop-out to praise all three of these very different books, but they take wildly divergent paths to being equally terrific…
Barkskins by Annie Proulx…A big, bold, ambitious book that practically has “Great Novel” stamped on the book cover. It’s about two “barkskins” (tree cutters) who settle in New France and their […]

Episode 35–What Will Obama Do Post-POTUS? And Predicting His Legacy

In our first truly “Obama Episode” we pull out our crystal ball to wonder what Obama will do after his presidency, and trying to predict how he’ll be remembered as President. Such burning questions include: Will Republicans miss torturing him? Exactly what bugs Republicans about Obamacare (their own plan)? Do Americans know we have the […]