Monday Morning Movie Review: The Excellent “Wind River”

“Wind River” is the directorial debut of one of my favorite screenwriters, Taylor Sheridan of “Sicario” and “Hell or High Water” fame, and even if it’s not quite as good as the 2016 best film of the year “Hell or High Water,” what is really? It’s at least as good as “Sicario” and features a strong Jeremy… Read More »

Movie Review: An Inconvenient Sequel

How discouraging it is that on the day I choose to review “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” Twitter is trending “The Other Inconvenient Truth” with anything they want to talk about (racism, Russia, Trump of course, microaggressions, sexism, etc.) and in that moment I almost felt how Al Gore must on a daily basis,… Read More »

Movie Review: Dunkirk

At long last, a film you might still care about. If you’ve already gotten through the first 21 of my “24 reviews in 24 hours” film day, you’ll likely be more interested in this… What Works: Christopher Nolan is a huge advocate for movie theater viewing, and especially IMAX viewing, and I am glad I watched… Read More »

White Southerners Have to Denounce Charlottesville (AND Southern Stereotypes)

Every time an Islamic terrorist attack happens, the chorus of voices begins: “This doesn’t represent all of Islam.” “Why don’t more Muslims denounce these people?” “How many attacks does it take before they’re willing to do something about it?” Well, we should know that terrorist attacks don’t represent all Muslims because the victims are usually other Muslims… Read More »

Should Nancy Pelosi Step Down?

Only a few minutes ago, I posted an article questioning the future of the Democratic Party. Of course, there’s no better question facing the Democrats than the one a surprising number of people has asked me: “Should Nancy Pelosi step down?” Sometimes, they’re asking if she should retire from congress altogether. Sometimes, they mean she… Read More »