Episode 41–What is Corruption? And Free Don Siegelman

We spend the first half of the episode making sense of Big Don’s implosion, tallying the numerous scandals and recapping his second debate performance. Then we ask “What is Corruption?” in 2016, and notice that a lot of American corruption seems to be how corruption is prosecuted and investigated in the first place–i.e. along party […]

Reviews: Creative Control, The Invitation, High Rise, Cop Car, Green Room

Several indie-thrillers have slipped through the cracks this year, until now…
Cop Car…Technically,¬†this film came out in 2015 but it’s theaterical release is a small fraction of the people who’ll watch this at home and perhaps years later. It’s about two boys who run away from home only to stumble upon a (seemingly) abandoned cop car. […]

Quick Reviews: The Mermaid, The Wave, The Last Man on the Moon, Everybody Wants Some

Every once and a while, a movie slips through the cracks, and that’s when it’s time for “quick reviews”…
Everybody Wants Some…Richard Linklater (“Boyhood,” “Before” trilogy, “Dazed and Confused” of which this movie is a spiritual sequel to) has built a career out of the tricky feat of making naturalistic indies that are actually enjoyable movie […]

Episode 40–How Do Democrats Lose? The Southern And Northern Strategy

Can the Democrats take back the white working class? And how did they lose them in the first place? Tricky questions that we attempt to answer by looking deep into the history of the Democratic Party–which contained MLK and George Wallace¬†at the same time–and how the Southern Strategy cost them the white working class decades […]

Live-Blogging the VP Debate

This should be a real event. A boring guy with white-ish hair vs. a boring guy with very white hair…
6:00 p.m…even the pre-debate montage of these guys makes them look boring. I can almost hear the editor of this clip package “Hey guys, you can’t make a turnip sexy.”
6:05…A debate moderator I’ve never heard of […]

Episode 39–Are We Poisoning Ourselves? Food and Other Addictions

Our big things trilogy might be finished, but we still found another big topic to tackle: food and various other addictions. Americans eat too much of it, and we dive deep into: why is there a political divide in food? Why do red states associate freedom with things that kill them? Is sex addiction real? […]

Episode 38–How (Not) to Make It in the Media

Really and truly folks, how many podcasts could give you everything you wanted to know about the media in just one episode? I’m talking Brody’s adventures trying to make movies in Alabama, getting cast in things in Los Angeles, trying to publish books in New York, and striving to crack that ever-elusive club of bloggers […]