Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation

A month after this film’s release, and pretty much everyone who was going to see it already has, but I can’t shake the feeling all the positive reactions it’s been getting aren’t entirely earned. After all, I saw it a month ago and haven’t felt compelled to really write a review… What Works: Rebecca Ferguson is… Read More »

The 7 Best Series You’re not Watching: “Hannibal,” “Show Me a Hero,” “Another Period,” and More

In a week’s time, 7 of the best series that you’re (probably) not watching will have experienced their season or–for shame–series finales, and now might be as good a time as any to catch up with them. Honorable Mention: Welcome to Sweden…I’m sad to see this terrific, underrated Greg Poehler gem go since NBC has already… Read More »

Movie Review: Trainwreck

Both a rebuke to the romantic comedy and an embrace of it, the film manages to take chances that people have been begging the stale genre to take for a long time. What Works: “Trainwreck” may look like it’s just coasting on the recent trend of “women who are a fucking mess but great guys love… Read More »

Movie Review: Southpaw

Not a good movie, but there’s a great performance at the center of it. What Works: This largely forgettable boxing movie will be known mostly for Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance, which is a 180 from last year’s excellent (and underseen) “Nightcrawler.” In that film, he was a rail-thin and articulate sociopath who hid his amoralism behind upbeat,… Read More »

Movie Review: Minions

Turns out a little bit of these guys goes a long way. What Works: Kids may like this film better than “Inside Out”… What Doesn’t: But you sure won’t. This is a movie made to entertain kids at home when parents don’t know what to do with them for 90 minutes. The actual Minions characters are cute… Read More »

Movie Review: Inside Out

Pixar’s latest has earned rave reviews, and it’s easy to see why. Not much more can be said about this movie that hasn’t already been said, but I’ll try anyway… What Works: Special kudos to the writer who came up with the idea to set a movie mostly inside the mind of a kid growing up,… Read More »

Movie Review: Dope

Something about this movie was a little off for me. The reviews are ecstatic, and it seemed to do extremely well at the specialty box office but I just can’t help thinking that most people might feel cheated out of 15 bucks if they’re paying to watch a movie that is basically a less successful… Read More »

Movie Review: Jurassic World

[Fart noise] Sorry, but I’m just not drinking the Kool-Aid on this one. What Works: Chris Pratt does what he can. And raptors are always a welcome sight. Plus, even though a new genetically engineered dinosaur is the main attraction, I really preferred a giant aquatic dinosaur that is even more lethal than Black Fish. What… Read More »

Movie Review: Entourage

The same weekend Melissa McCarthy was winning rave reviews and box office dough playing a feminist James Bond, “Entourage” was flopping at the box office and getting critically savaged for a perceived misogynistic slant. I can’t say I really view the film as anti-women, and it’s hard to imagine anyone being truly offended by such… Read More »