Big Question: Why Does the World’s Richest Country (for Nearly a Century) Continually Pretend It’s Too Broke to Help Its People?

Any given day of the news, you can find some story of [fill in the blank] Republican politician saying America “can’t afford” to pay for Medicaid, or “Social Security is going broke,” or some new version of a timeless theme for the Republican Party: that America’s miserly social safety net is unsustainable and antiquated and… Read More »

A Generic, Dated DeSantis is Determined to be This Cycle’s Rick Perry or Ted Cruz

Ron DeSantis seems determined to fade into “Presidential also-ran” history by running on roughly the same stuff every far-right Republican for 20 years. Recently, he said he’d eliminate the exact same federal agencies Rick Perry said he would in 2012 (Education, Commerce, Energy, and IRS), apparently oblivious that Perry went on to lead the Energy… Read More »

Why Should Americans Follow the Supreme Cult when the Supreme Inquisition Wants to Strip Them of Their Rights?

This is actually a very fair question. —For starters, the Supreme Court’s power is only the perception of power. It has no agency to enforce its rulings. The Justice Department is independent of the court, and no law enforcement agency answers to the court. [They have a police force of roughly 200 officers, but they exist largely… Read More »

General Thoughts on this Supreme Court’s Typically Moronic and Scary Affirmative Action Decision

There is no conceivable justification for this decision other than this current court’s mantra of “we’ll do it because we can.” —Many clueless white conservatives (and Asians) have already answered that only SATs should be used for college admissions—apparently ignorant that SATs have a long standing racial bias and several states/colleges are excluding them altogether. —It is outrageous… Read More »

Why Do People Who Earned Nothing on Merit Keep Championing a “Meritocracy?”

Recently, Donald Trump celebrated the Supreme Court’s typically moronic decision to do away with affirmative action in college admissions. Naturally, Trump would celebrate this since he is a lifelong bigot with an inferiority complex about any qualified black person getting even the slightest “advantage” over a guy who would be lucky to get a job… Read More »

Is the Phenomenal Box Office of “Sound of Freedom” a Money Laundering Scheme?

In a Summer of movies that have largely “underperformed” (to put it charitably), there’s one movie that has exploded expectations so thoroughly, its box office graph looks more like the performance of Bernie Madoff’s hedge fund. Of course, I’m referring to the over 100-million (so far) grossing “Sound of Freedom.” Many box office prognosticators (or… Read More »

“The Blacklist” finale: Goodbye to a Great Character (On a Bad Show)

Like most “Blacklist” viewers, I had not actually seen the show in years. To be honest, I’m struggling to remember exactly when I stopped watching the series, but it was probably somewhere between the end of season 2 or 3. [I know I didn’t make it to Mr. Kaplan’s “turning” on Red–an event I’m only… Read More »

Exactly Why the Left Hates Clarence Thomas

Every white bigot on social media: “Because he’s black. Of course, Democrats are the true racists.” Clarence Thomas does not represent the views of 99% of black people (since they, generally, don’t appreciate efforts to stop them from voting or dismantling their civil rights). To say, most black Americans don’t see eye-to-eye with him on… Read More »

Good News for Biden: Professional Hypocrite Marjorie Taylor-Greene Says He’s Corrupt

Recently, Marjorie Taylor-Greene (a woman with so little class, she seems designed to make Sarah Palin look like Grace Kelly in comparison) said that the Biden family was the “largest crime syndicate” in America. Since a broken click is wrong 1,438 minutes out of 1,440 minutes of the day, this is terrific news for Biden.… Read More »

The REAL Reason for Elon Musk’s Bizarre Anti-Trans Bigotry

Many liberals know that Elon Musk has taken such a bizarre stance against transgender people, that he makes J. K. Rowling look like an ally. Most recently, he banned the word “cisgender” from Twitter, and called it a slur. This is yet another sad day for Twitter, and a true sign of how far it’s… Read More »