Unpopular Vote: Roy Moore Has NOT Won Yet

From the voting area of Gulf Shores, Alabama, I explain that Roy Moore has NOT won yet, despite naysayers (and national comedians/pundits) that barely know his name, Doug J-O-N-E-S actually has a 50/50 chance of winning…

Hollywood is More Afraid of China than Trump

Alabama Liberal explains how China controls major Hollywood funding, American movie theaters, what films get made here (and their pro-China message), and even what actors get cast or are on China’s “red list”…

Unpopular Vote: Traveling Sucks

In his most unpopular opinion yet, Alabama Liberal breaks down how you don’t really like traveling as much as you think you do…

“Ladybird” is One of the Year’s Best Films

Greta Gerwig pulls off a stunning achievement with “Ladybird,” which at first looks like a strong coming-of-age story, but might actually be the first epic about millennial life…[Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” might actually have this title, but Ellar Coltrane is only 23 years old and may actually be too young to be considered a millennial.] What… Read More »

Movie Reviews of “Mudbound” and “Wheelman”

A pair of Netflix original films that are worth a watch in one case and one of the year’s best in another… Mudbound…Most films about racial tension in the Southeast take place during the 1860’s Civil War period and the slavery days right before it or the daily insults of segregation during the Civil Rights-era 1960’s (every… Read More »