Movie Review: Home

A sweet but disposable movie that you will probably forget you watched before you walk fully out of the theater. What Works: “Home”‘s strong suit isn’t the jokes so much as the sentimentality. There are some really affecting moments towards the end, particularly involving the continuation of a rival alien species. The “villains” in this story… Read More »

Movie Review: Insurgent

A programmer of a different sort, but just as “The Gunman” goes through the motions except for some alive performances, the same can (kind-of) be said of “Insurgent” and really the whole “Divergent” series which is struggling to distinguish itself in the young adult adaptations department. It’s lively enough that you won’t fall asleep, but… Read More »

Movie Review: The Gunman

A programmer that I wanted to like more than I did. What Works: Sean Penn may be the exact right actor (at the exact right time) to play an action hero. He’s world-weary but intense, briskly intelligent but believably physical, and his “just doing this for the paycheck” detachment actually fits the role really well. Even… Read More »

Book Reviews: “Golden Son” and “Near Enemy”

Two very different sequels to science fiction hits—their predecessors “Red Rising” and “Shovel Ready” are already being shaped into movies—that largely continue their first installments quality (or lack thereof). Near Enemy by Adam Sternberg…The best thing I can say about this book (a continuation of the journeys of futuristic hitman Spademan in a dismal near-future… Read More »