TV Reviews: “The Deuce,” and “Outlander”

The premieres of two big period dramas were last Sunday, and I had a somewhat mixed reaction to them overall, even as I’ll freely admit I’m excited to see where both go… The Deuce…In a bizarre way, David Simon’s new HBO series (loaded with sex scenes, most of which aren’t sexy) is just as romantic… Read More »

Reviews: “Win it All,” “Tramps,” “Small Crimes,” “Imperial Dreams,” “Burning Sands,” “Coin Heist,” “Sand Castle”

People are frequently wondering where the small indies sometimes called “Slice-of-Life” dramas went as they’ve all but disappeared from theaterical distribution. It turns out, “Netflix Original films” aren’t just for shitty Adam Sandler comedies, but also a place to find small films that now struggle to get any theaterical distribution, most of which are actually… Read More »

Movie Review: Logan Lucky

Steven Soderbergh’s return to feature-film directing may come less than 5 years after “retiring,” but I’m glad he’s back. This tale about a crew of West Virginia hillbillies that robs a Nascar track is never less than compulsively watchable, and contains enough low-key pleasures to make you excited to see what Soderbergh does next. What… Read More »

Movie Review: The Big Sick

Title be damned, this romantic comedy (starring Silicon Valley’s Kumail Nanjiani as a man who breaks up with a girlfriend he loves only to discover his mistake when she lapses into a coma) is one of the best films of 2017. What Works: The rom-com is an endangered species (there are now more films mocking them… Read More »

Movie Reviews: The Zookeeper’s Wife, The Promise

A pair of earnest-duds based on WWI or II true stories, but how many times do we have to watch bad movies with noble intentions think a World War setting can save any narrative flaw or stale filmmaking? The Zookeeper’s Wife…Based on the true story of a Polish zoo that doubled as sanctuary for Jews… Read More »

Movie Round-Up: Trainspotting 2, CHiPs, Belko Experiment, Wilson

If you had told me I would enjoy the critically-reviled “CHiPs” remake more than the long-anticipated “Trainspotting” sequel, I might’ve punched you in the face. But that’s exactly what happened… Trainspotting 2…Even the movie’s clumsy official title “T2” feels derivative, and although you can’t blame Danny Boyle for wanting some of that Linklater-“Before Sunset/Midnight” indie-sequel magic, this… Read More »

Movie Review: Death Note

One of the rare Netflix Original movies that may be slightly underrated by critics. This film—about a teenager (Nat Wolff) who receives a mysterious “Death Notebook” that allows him to kill anyone whose name he writes in it with the aid of a nefarious demon (voiced with delight by Willem Dafoe)—isn’t perfect by any stretch, but it… Read More »