Bubba Goes to Shanghai

Bubba goes to Shanghai to find out what happened to his town’s off-shored jobs, eventually doing battle with sassy toilets, witches, pirates, and the main castle of outsourcing.

300 @ 30: America’s Youngest Climate Activist Says Junk Food is as Bad for the Environment as it is for You

America’s Youngest Climate Activist drops by to help Alabama Liberal warn that junk food is not only bad for your weight loss goals, it’s also bad for the environment.

Episode 84–Can America Get Big Things Done Anymore? And Biden’s First 100 Days

While looking at just how different the country (and conversation) is during the miracle Biden has pulled off during his first 100 days, Alabama Liberal then moves into real questions about whether America can get big things done anymore on climate crisis, infrastructure, healthcare, college tuition, personal health, Scientific innovation, space exploration, and if it… Read More »

The 25 Best Shows of the Century: 10 through 6

Alabama Liberal continues his countdown of the “25 Best TV Shows of this Century” from less-known delights like “The Knick” to under-appreciated broadcast comedies like “Frasier.” Watch now and see if any of your favorites made the list.

Episode 83–Gentrification & Globalization

A jam-packed episode that includes everything from Alabama Liberal’s correct prediction of how the media would move on from the Cuomo scandal to personal stories about living in Minneapolis and their police department. Then AL seeks to understand why liberals view globalization as positive, and gentrification as negative. Questions are asked like: Is cultural appropriation… Read More »