Book Reviews: “Golden Son” and “Near Enemy”

Two very different sequels to science fiction hits—their predecessors “Red Rising” and “Shovel Ready” are already being shaped into movies—that largely continue their first installments quality (or lack thereof). Near Enemy by Adam Sternberg…The best thing I can say about this book (a continuation of the journeys of futuristic hitman Spademan in a dismal near-future… Read More »

Movie Review: “Focus,” Already Underrated

Most reasonable people can agree on the truly great movies (think “The Godfather”) and the truly terrible movies (pretty much anything about Hercules) but most movies are somewhere in the mediocre zone and that’s where the disagreements start. Why does “Chappie” get a 30 percent on Rotten Tomates while “Focus” gets 55 percent and why… Read More »

Movie Review: Chappie

This is a tough film to review as I wasn’t really sure if I was enjoying it or not even as I was watching it, and then couldn’t remember much about it the next day. I know that it’s not very good, but I did find myself wanting to like it more than I did.… Read More »

Movie Review: Paddington Bear

I’m pretty sure everybody that wants to watch this movie in theaters may have already—I don’t always rush out to review films about animated bears—so I’ll keep this brief and get to more current reviews later in the day… What Works: “Paddington” the movie is a lot like the title character: warm, affectionate, and appealing old-fashioned… Read More »

TV Review: “Conan” Goes to Cuba

I’ve always been a Conan O’Brien fan, but I don’t watch the show much since he moved to the wilderness–I mean, “plum channel” that is TBS. I’m no snob when it comes to basic cable—AMC’s “Better Call Saul” gets better every week and FX just might be the best network on TV right now—but Conan… Read More »