Monday Morning Movie Reviewer: The Maze Runner

Another generic young adult dystopian fantasy, but there are some solidly suspenseful moments.

What Works: For a long while, the mystery of a moving, seemingly organic maze is fairly captivating. There’s a real atmosphere of suspense and dread in the first two thirds that hooks you. And it’s only More >

Movie Review: This is Where I Leave You

As a novel, this book by Jonathan Tropper is just one of the 500-a-year “Jewish family dramedy” novels but as a movie it is a little different than the glut of sequels and remakes currently taking up screen real estate. And that uniqueness—-especially after such a stale summer—-might make the film More >

Movie Review: The Drop

Another film that never fully comes to life, but it does come a lot closer. “The Drop” is a slow-boiling crime film that doesn’t grab you but won’t fully put you to sleep either.

What Works: James Gandolfini’s final performance is required viewing for cineastes, and he owns every scene he’s in. His More >

Movie Review: If I Stay

Blah Blah Blah…this movie is blah blah blah

What Works: Chloe Grace Moretz can do no wrong, but here she comes pretty close.

What Doesn’t: There’s just a general sleepiness at the core of this thing that really creates distance for the audience after a while. It’s ironic that a film about a young More >

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie came out over a month ago and defied all expectations to become an enormous crowd pleaser and the highest grossing film of the year (it’ll likely stay that way since the competition isn’t particularly robust in the Fall). But with the distance of time, does it really live up to the More >

Movie Review: Sin City 2

Not nearly as good as the first one, not even close. It’s too similar in all the wrong ways, and I can see why the crowds didn’t turn up the way they did for the first one. [This sequel is a major box office disappointment.]

What Works: It’s great to see Rosario Dawson back in the leather outfits, More >

Movie Review: The November Man

Just a cruddy and generic action movie that’s one of those “filmed and financed outside the U.S. with an aging action star” wanks that should have went straight to Red Box but because late August/early September has such ridiculously low competition they decided to release it in theaters.

What More >

Movie Review: Into the Storm

This is that “tornado” movie that opened a month ago and nobody much cares about now, but I had to sit through it which means I might as well review it…

What Works: So the bar is set pretty low for tornado movies, as “Twister” may be the gold standard bearer for them and it’s not even that great. More >

TV Review: Sons of Anarchy’s Most Bloated Episode Yet

Is Sons of Anarchy a good show? Not really, but it sure is persistent. The series has had occasional flashes of greatness—season 2′s villain and aspects of seasons 4 and 5 were very strong—but this seventh and final season begins right after a series’ worst sixth-season which felt bloated even by More >

Summer TV Round-Up: “Halt and Catch Fire,” “Gang Related,” “Longmire,” “Falling Skies”

Part 2 of 2 of summer TV shows that may have slipped underneath the radar…


Halt and Catch Fire…I’ve seen every episode of every scripted show AMC has produced (meaning more “Rubicon” than that reality show about competitive arm wrestling), and it’s become clear that the network is in something of More >

TV Review: The Quality Collapse of “Tyrant”

I can’t believe it’s taken this long, but Alabama Liberal has to give out its first (that I can remember) mea culpa. I told everyone who would listen about what a great show “Tyrant” is and how everyone and their brother should watch it or else wish they had when it gets big in a couple years. I More >

Summer TV Round-Up: “Power,” “Vicious,” “Assets,” “Crossbones,” “Maron”

Summer TV is officially over and now it’s time to look back on the summer that was, including some shows that probably flew under most people’s radars…[Part 1 of 2]


Starz’ “Power”…Starz decided to take a break from technically glorious but stuffy period pieces and make this “urban” “crime” More >

TV Reviews: “Boardwalk Empire” is Back…But Do We Still Care?

I’ll keep this review brief since I suspect there’s not much fanfare for Boardwalk Empire’s fifth and final season. The season premiere felt like an afterthought and the final season is only 8 episodes vs. the series’ usual 12 episode order, so it’s safe to say that not even HBO will really miss More >

Discover One of TV’s Hidden Treasures, “Nathan for You”

If you’re not watching Comedy Central’s “Nathan For You,” then do yourself a favor and catch up with it. This is one of the funniest shows on TV that seemingly no one has heard of, and that’s a shame because I haven’t watched an episode yet that didn’t have real, genuine belly laughs.

The show is a More >

Movie Review: “The Giver” When Other Critics Just Don’t Get It

It happens, sometimes critics are just flat-out wrong on a film. It’s rare, and it doesn’t happen a lot (sorry, but most movies they pan really do suck), but you can set your watch to the kind of movie it will happen to: it is almost always a mid-budget movie with some serious ambition that critics More >

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