Petty Issues: Trump’s Joint Disgrace–I Mean, Address Edition

That five minute standing ovation for the mother of a fallen soldier went from “compassionate” to “snake-handling church-tent revival.” And Trump’s praising of a military he largely has done nothing for most definitely tip-toes over the line from “patriotic” to “I’m using you to wrap a protective shield around my fascism.” [Sean Spicer’s new thing… Read More »

Monday Morning Movie Reviewer: John Wick Chapter 2

“John Wick Chapter 2” is thrillingly serialized so make sure you see the first one before heading into a theater. You’ll still probably be able to follow this movie—obviously, most scenes work on a visceral level and there’s not much to “get” about a guy killing his way out of a room—but the world-building is… Read More »

“Get Out” IS Racist, but Towards Interracial Couples

The buzz and controversy of “Get Out” is deafening, but the few–too few–criticisms the movie appears to be getting is that it’s anti-white or racist towards white people. I don’t really believe that, and there’s little in this movie that hasn’t been in “Machete” or Blaxploitation films, but the film is anti-interracial couples and in that way… Read More »

Why “Moonlight” is Really Good, but “La La Land” is Better

Quick Note About Last Night’s Oscars: I nailed literally all the big categories except Best Picture, correctly predicting Mahershala Ali, Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Casey Affleck, Moonlight’s Best Adapted Screenplay, Manchester by the Sea’s Best Original Screenplay, Zootopia, and Damien Chazelle’s Best Director win. So some of this post may be affected by “Moonlight” screwing up my prediction… Read More »

Episode 49–Mission Unaccomplished

If you enjoyed our amazing 50-state tour, why not recommend us to ANYONE that can help get this podcast syndicated? The next episode is our last one unless we get sponsors or syndication…

300 at 30: Episode 22–Food Culture Finale–Los Angeles

After visiting the fried deliciousness and BBQ of Alabama, the “tapas” (crumbs) of NYC light-eating and heavy drinking, and the deep-dish mediocrity of Minnesota food, our stunning conclusion to the food culture series brings us to ultra-buff Los Angeles where gyms outnumber buffets by a 20-to-1 ratio…What’s the difference in NorCal and SoCal? What’s it… Read More »