The Five Best TV Shows You’re Not Watching…

What are the best shows currently on television that don’t have “Game” or “Thrones” in the title? I’m glad you asked…
5. [Tie] Turn and Hell on Wheels…AMC’s two all-but-forgotten, mostly buzz-less historical dramas are in different places in their runs. “Turn” has finally realized its potential with its best season so far, and has discovered a way […]

Episode 26–Guns

In the first part of a G.I.A. trilogy (guns, immigration, abortion) we face off over guns and gun control, and I guarantee you’ve never heard a gun debate like this before. [I.e. we actually have experience with guns unlike most of the media.] We talk assault weapons bans, Orlando, freedom vs. safety, pragmatism vs. idealism, […]

Episode 25–Will We See the Return of Strategic VP Picks?

Why have we gone more than a decade without strategically useful VPs from Biden to Cheney, Palin to Liebermann? We use this question to dive deep into the VP race: Can anyone good stand to work with Trump? Are Bernie’s odds of being chosen 0.000001% or 0.000001%? Are liberals intentionally trying to make Republican heads […]

Movie Review: “Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stoppin'”

Even if it’s not “Spinal Tap” level, it’s still one of the most worthwhile theater experiences you can have this Summer.
What Works: As you can tell by that dead-on subtitle (which makes me laugh just thinking about it), Andy Samberg and Co. are going after the faux-aspirational qualities mixed in with today’s pop star egomania. In […]

Movie Review: “X-Men: Whatever”

In an age of needless sequels there can be no better example than the latest X-Men film, a series that has honestly not produced a single satisfying or truly good movie, yet has still survived 6 different installments. [I count the Wolverine series separately, and did like the Japan-set “The Wolverine” although the first Wolverine […]

Episode 24–Do People Even Want Small Government?

In the conclusion to our trilogy, we ask “Do People Even Want Small Government?” and take aim at Libertarians. Do Libertarians care that a “fair tax” would destroy your economy? Is Trickle Down Economics really just Plantation Economics? Why cut government jobs when contractors usually cost more? Plus, making the Alabamian case for why state’s […]

Movie Review: Neighbors 2

A worthless sequel in a Summer chockful of them…except that that’s not exactly true since people looking for big studio comedies actually do have original choices like “Popstar” or “The Nice Guys” or the indie dark comedy “The Lobster” or “Love and Friendship.” “Neighbors 2” is quite simply the worst comedy choice in theaters right now, and […]

Movie Review: The Nice Guys

A movie I liked more than I thought I would, but still forgot about almost five minutes after getting home.
What Works: As Ryan Gosling has proven in “Crazy, Stupid Love” and last year’s “The Big Short,” he has a knack for comedy, and this is his most strictly comedic role yet. Also, he and Russel Crowe […]

Episode 23–Are We Safer?

In the second part of our trilogy we take on military conservatives and use it as a broader platform to talk everything defense: Why is Saudi Arabia using American think tanks? Will Trump build a wall around Afghanistan? Did the Cuban embargo keep the Castros in power? Will the wars of the future be economic […]