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Bubba’s Sex Tips: Bubba Takes Up Billionaire’s Proposal to Wed His Daughter, Gigi Chao

Some may be unfamiliar with this story (and, if so, you’re getting your news from the wrong places) but a womanizing Hong Kong billionaire recently put out an offer that every heterosexual male——-and some cash-strapped gay ones——in the world should be familiar with: He’s offering sixty five million dollars to any man that can seduce… Read More »

Bubba’s Sex Tips: Bubba Ogles…I Mean, “Reviews” the Kate Middleton Tit Pics

[This article won’t be very long, because, well…how long does an article about nudie pics really need to be? They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and that goes quadruple when the picture involves boobs.] As everyone by now knows, “Princess” Kate Middleton (and if calling someone “princess” as an actual title doesn’t make… Read More »

Bubba’s Sex Tips: Celebrities Should Keep Their Politics To Themselves…Unless They’re Eastwood

Bubba is firmly of the opinion that all those Hollywood liberals (and I hope you can feel the disdain through the italics, as I surely would verbally emphasize the hell out of those words in disgust) should just shut the hell up with their politics and constantly ramming their liberal beliefs down my throat by doing bullshit… Read More »

Bubba’s Sex Tips: But How Does Hank Williams Jr. REALLY Feel About Obama?

Like most country music fans, it’s hard for me to get through most songs without thinking “But how does this person feel about President Obama?” I can’t tell you all the times I’ve been sitting in my truck, getting drunk (getting drunk is no fun if you’re not immediately about to drive somewhere…preferably through a… Read More »

Bubba’s Sex Tips: Another Year, More Taxes to Not Pay…Where Does the Time Go?

Well it’s that time of year again. The time when the fed-er-al government decides to put its imperialist boots on the necks of confederate states and make us pay taxes. All across the nation, taxes are due this Monday, so make sure you file them, or better yet, don’t. Bubba hasn’t filed taxes in…well, ever.… Read More »

Bubba’s Sex Tips: What the Hell to Do with an Alabama St. Patrick’s Day…

There are few holidays that aren’t controversial in Alabama. Think about it. Happy Halloween! “That’s for witches and devil worshippers.” Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! “You mean Robert E. Lee day.” Have a great black history month! “How come there’s no white history month?!” Even wishing someone a Happy Easter or any other religious… Read More »