“Why Do Some Wealthy Neighborhoods Vote Democratic?” An Answer…

By | December 9, 2020

Every conservative: “Well if Republicans are the party of the rich, how come Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley vote Democratic, huh?”

Because these are not old money neighborhoods.

Beverly Hills is actors, artists, and retired athletes—meaning these are people that probably weren’t born rich, and can remember what it’s like being poor. Same thing for tech workers which is Silicon Valley.

And a lot of the huge moguls in SV aren’t liberal at all like Robert Mercer, Larry Ellison, Peter Thiel, etc. Likewise, Geoffrey Palmer the real estate developer (and son of a real estate developer) gave Trump 6 million dollars, despite living in Beverly Hills.

Old money, conservative wealth is more spread out across the country: the Waltons in Arkansas, Texas oil money, the Kochs in Kansas, the Vegas casino moguls, etc.

Although there are absolutely New York neighborhoods that are old money wealthy and liberal, these are more cultural liberals who probably aren’t backing too many Bernie Sanders-style candidates. [And they sometimes back Republicans, like the “Rockefeller Republicans” once upon a time and some of these people backing Guiliani or Bloomberg.]

In general, most cities are liberal, and this is where high-networth individuals need to live in order to have better access to ports, markets, top talent, a larger workforce, etc. It pretty much has nothing to do with their politics.

Also, inherited wealth tends to be more conservative—like Romney, the Bushes, and, of course, Trump himself.

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