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The Fast Food Critic: The Mashed Potato Pizza

Note: This isn’t from a chain, and I can’t really even remember the name of the place I tried it from. Needless to say, it might be hard to find if you actually live in Alabama, although I suspect this pizza would be really popular there, it’s carbs on carbs on carbs. “The Baked Potato… Read More »

Fast Food Critic: Coney Island’s Fried Oreos, Fried Twinkies, Fried Crab Sandwich, and Steamed Fries…I’m Just Shitting You, Those Are Fried Too

So this weekend I performed a rite of passage for anyone interested in serious junk food (we’ll call them “junk foodies” no, no, no, too gay, how about “fudge packers?”) and went to Coney Island, New York’s version of an extremely dirty Six Flags. I didn’t much go on the rides, since I don’t often… Read More »

High Fructose Corn Syrup, the Crystal Meth of Food

I want you to imagine the worst drug you can think of. Unlike marijuana (or sugar), it’s made from chemicals not naturally found in nature. It pops up in unexpected places. Ten years ago, you’d never heard of it, and now it’s virtually everywhere. Even your kids are at risk of getting hooked, and several… Read More »