Petty Issues: Jesus Billboards, Jenner Divorce, Munch Retires, Twitter IPO

By | October 10, 2013

A billboard in West Lubbock Texas is inspiring “controversy” because it has a tattooed Jesus Christ helping people with their sins. So the big debate is between people that are really, really religious and tattooed and people that are really, really religious without tattoos. Wow, what diversity of thought we have in this country…

Law and Order: SVU Detective John Munch will retire, ending a character that first started on the far superior Homicide: Life on the Streets and made guest appearances in several shows (some of them like The X-Files that had nothing to do with NBC cop shows). Sniff, sniff…nope, I’m not crying. It’s just dust…All this damn pollen in the air.

In the end of another longtime partnership, Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner said they’ll be getting a divorce this week. This is truly shocking news. I mean, if a fame-hungry Kardashian woman and a past-his-prime athlete can’t make it work in this crazy world, well, who can? It’s not like there’s a precedent of this type of couple not working out or anything…

Twitter’s official public stock offering date is November 15th. So if you’re f-i-n-a-l-l-y about to get your money back from Facebook’s initial public offering, what better way to celebrate than by investing in another way for angry geriatric conservatives to harass young people they don’t know—-I mean, “social media.”

Asshole of the Week: John Boehner. The shutdown is still going on…still…as in it’s now been almost two full weeks of laid off federal employees. No USDA inspectors checking the chicken plants, no EPA regulators making sure toxic sludge doesn’t go into your town’s drinking water, no FEMA people on hurricane watch, etc.   The rare federal job that didn’t see a single person laid off? Border patrol. It’s now become more essential to keep people out of America than it is to keep it a place where people want to get into.

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