Petty Issues: The Pettier the Better

By | November 7, 2013

There was a shooting in a Detroit barbershop that left three dead….Let’s see you turn that into comedy gold Cedric the Entertainer! The gauntlet has been thrown.

Taylor Swift says her fans are always nice and never say mean things…Well it’s great that someone’s fans aren’t calling them a cunt to their face, but isn’t that the very nature of fan hood? Isn’t it the huge population that aren’t fans that we all have to worry about?

Dave Grohl joined the Zac Brown Band onstage at the Country Music Awards. Oh Dave, what happened to you? Maybe Kurt Cobain had the right idea…

There’s some sort of bribery, hooker scandal going on with the Navy that I don’t give two shits about. The whole point of joining the Navy is bribery and hookers. If you want a square-branch, go join the Marines where they have a strict moral code that only tolerates rape and domestic abuse…

Asshole of the Week: Iain Lobben (and no, it’s not for having such a stupid name) and John Sawers, British spy masters who claim that Edward Snowden’s leaks have helped Al-Qaeda and that terrorists are rubbing their hands with glee over the leaks. Sigh…I really, really,¬†really¬†despise any argument that ends with “It’ll help Al-Qaeda!” as if they’re a real force to be reckoned with anymore or that all Islamic terrorist groups are Al-Qaeda just because that’s the only one most people know of. So I bet I wouldn’t have liked it when people in the 40’s strung bogus logic to say that something “helps the nazis,” and I don’t like it when whistleblowers are vilified for “helping Al-Qaeda” when they’re clearly not.

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