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Working Class Economist: Republicans Keep Saying the Economy is Bad, So It Stays Bad

This will be a pretty straightforward WCE today as I think today’s issue is pretty straightforward. It’s just that so many Republicans, conservatives, and the corporate interests they serve have made it complicated. First, a quick economics refresher. Keynesian Economics: Whatever people think about the economy is how the economy winds up. If they think it’s strong,… Read More »

Working Class Economist: Scranton, Pennsylvania…the New Republican Dream and Everyone Else’s Nightmare

Scranton, Pennsylvania—-the notoriously dumpy/depressing rust belt armpit that is the setting of NBC’s The Office—-is now famous for an entirely different reason. They have become the first city in the country to slash 400 government employees pay down to minimum wage. [That’s 7.25 an hour, otherwise known as “a joke” for a working adult to be… Read More »