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Working Class Economist: Republicans Keep Saying the Economy is Bad, So It Stays Bad

This will be a pretty straightforward WCE today as I think today’s issue is pretty straightforward. It’s just that so many Republicans, conservatives, and the corporate interests they serve have made it complicated. First, a quick economics refresher. Keynesian Economics: Whatever people think about the economy is how the economy winds up. If they think it’s strong,… Read More »

Working Class Economist: Scranton, Pennsylvania…the New Republican Dream and Everyone Else’s Nightmare

Scranton, Pennsylvania—-the notoriously dumpy/depressing rust belt armpit that is the setting of NBC’s The Office—-is now famous for an entirely different reason. They have become the first city in the country to slash 400 government employees pay down to minimum wage. [That’s 7.25 an hour, otherwise known as “a joke” for a working adult to be… Read More »

Working Class Economist: Contrary to Conservative Belief, Government Jobs are STILL Jobs

Few things are less mind-boggling than the persistent Republican belief that government jobs are seemingly less valuable (or outright destructive) than private sector jobs. Typical comments range from the usual bureaucratic speak “The public sector is out of control…creating jobs at a faster rate than the private sector can pay for them” to this outright… Read More »