The Election Wasn’t a Blowout but it Still Proved People Hate Trump

By | November 18, 2020

“Damn, how did Trump get more votes than last time? How did he do so well?”

I’m not sure an incumbent President losing by the biggest margin since Herbert Hoover is really “doing well” by any objective measure, but I understand the sentiment: how did so many people vote for an impeached, incompetent, traitorous criminal and aspiring tyrant who clearly doesn’t care about them?

It’s definitely disappointing that 73 million people saw a choice between a vanilla ice cream cone and gouging out their eyes with a red-hot poker and said “I just can’t vote for ice cream. It might hypothetically one day lead to socialism and political correctness. …I don’t want to lose my eyesight, but ‘cancel culture’ is the real threat.”

Hey, America’s got a lot of suckers, but here’s an encouraging sign few people are talking about…

It is VERY difficult to beat an incumbent President, 4 out of the last 5 were two-term Presidents.

The last four Republican Presidents to lose reelection were HW Bush (where Perot siphoned a ton of votes and there had been the historically-atypical 12 years of one party rule), Ford (who was never elected and largely paid for Nixon’s Watergate during his defeat), Hoover (the Great Depression), and Taft (votes split by Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party, an extremely unusual set of circumstances).

Before that you have to go back to the 1880’s, when the country was still somewhat divided by the Civil War along party lines.

My point is that Trump didn’t have any of that stuff, he didn’t have a third party siphoning huge chunks of votes, he wasn’t coming to the end of a 12-year Republican run, he wasn’t the VP of a more popular President who was running against him, he wasn’t the promoted VP of a resigned President he pardoned, and The Great Depression 2.0 (as far as we know) has not started.

He’s just a piece of shit that people can’t stand.

Other than CoVid, there’s no real reason for him to lose the election other than people just can’t stand him, and are sick of looking at his petulant, man-baby face every day for 4 years spinning “woe is me” pity parties about all the “attacks” he’s under. [Not to mention, his lap dog base doing the same thing as if Trump is even capable of caring about their existence.]

They watched him at the debates/Town Hall bemoaning how the FBI, CIA, IRS, Paul Ryan, Fox News, etc. were all against him and they just said “I can’t listen to this shit for another four years. It’s not good for me to hear a billionaire POTUS who inherited everything talk about himself as the most mistreated POTUS in history, even worse than Lincoln. I’ve got REAL problems, and I can’t be his surrogate service dog anymore.”

There’s still a few million Trumpers living in denial, but there will be less and less in time.

Either they’ll eventually turn on him (“well, he was a half-assed Democrat anyway”) as they did with Bush OR some of them will get violent, and trigger a backlash to their antics that might end popular support for Trump even faster than him being forgotten.

One thought on “The Election Wasn’t a Blowout but it Still Proved People Hate Trump

  1. Dan

    I am a Republican but I will NEVER vote an R again. What a whinny little bitch. I not so much blame totally Trump. I blame the other Republican Senators, etc. that pander to his ways. Grow some balls and man up or get the hell OUT!

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