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Book Reviews: See What I Have Done, Silent Coroner, You Should Have Left, Final Girls, I See You

If you’re in the mood for some scares—it is Halloween after all—check out these five thriller or horror books… Final Girls by Riley Sager…A group of “Final Girls” (women that are the sole survivors of horrific mass-murders) are rocked when one of the three dies in a shady suicide. The book’s best sections are the flashbacks… Read More »

Book Reviews: Boundless, My Favorite Thing is Monsters, Everyone’s a Aliebnb When UR A Aliebn Too

Illustrated books for adults are becoming more adventurous than ever, and these three graphic novels (though two may not be considered novels) all push the form in one way or another. In celebration of the art-form, I’ll keep these reviews mercifully brief… Boundless by Jillian Tamaki…An interesting collection of short stories that also–to me–felt a little… Read More »

Book Reviews: Lincoln in the Bardo, Chemistry, Anything is Possible, The Animators, Misfortune of Marion Palm

Is there anything more subjective than the literary novel? At least with movies and TV shows, there’s some broad criteria I might use to determine what’s good and what isn’t, but with literary novels (vastly different in prose, styling, plot–or lack of, and personality) it might really just boil down to your own personal connection with the… Read More »

Movie Review: The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

One of Netflix’s starriest original film outings yet with Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson, and Dustin Hoffman all taking part in Noah Baumbach’s story of an aging sculptor and his grown children, played by Elizabeth Marvel, Sandler, and Stiller (who has a different mother than Sandler’s character, and there’s some resentment over the difference… Read More »

NEW Movies: “Kingsman 2” and “The Snowman”

Two junk thrillers that are still in theaters, but not quite good enough to get their own reviews… Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle…Although the film is financially successul (sort-of), I can’t imagine people are really that thrilled when they walk out of the theater. This is a disappointment to the original “Kingsman” film in almost every way… Read More »

Reviews: Documentaries on Spielberg, Joan Didion, “Tickling Giants,” and Lady Gaga

There’s something inherently fascinating about documentaries about artists, and what a collection we have to choose from with new docs on the world’s most famous living film director, a legendary 60’s writer, a mega-successful pop star, and an Egyptian political satirist trying his best to poke fun at encroaching fascism… Spielberg…If you go outside Hollywood… Read More »

Reviews: “Chuck,” “Wakefield,” “Beatriz at Dinner,” “Megan Leavey,” “Before I Fall”

If that last quintet of big-budget turkeys left a bad taste in your mouth, check out these four prestige dramas named after their main characters, and a young adult fantasy lumped in mostly because I didn’t have another place to put it… Chuck…I count myself as a fan of the “Rocky” franchise like pretty much… Read More »