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From Arthur Davis to Mia Love, the New (Black) Face of Republican’s Racial Politics

The title of this article has a pretty obvious double meaning. In the “good old days” that some of the GOP still lives in, it was considered a source of entertainment to have white people paint their faces black and say ridiculously racist things while “impersonating” black people, or, more accurately, a racist’s idea of a black… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Togo’s Women Have a Sex Strike…Should American Women Do the Same?

There’s a small piece of international news circling around out there about an honest-to-God sex strike taking place this week in the West African country of Togo. Apparently, women there are fed up with the current president, and their plan to oust him is to withhold sex from their husbands for a week. I actually… Read More »

In the Wake of Ryan’s Rise, Revisiting “Ayn Rand, the Patron Saint of Assholes”

Almost a year ago I wrote a Sunday’s Sermon about Ayn Rand and her bizarre influence on the Republican Party, seen most easily on interchangeably named Ron Paul/Rand Paul/Paul Ryan…three real people who are all big-time under her spell. So, in the wake of Paul Ryan’s rise in the GOP, I thought I should revisit… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Why I’m Not Afraid to Go to the Movies, and Neither Should You

So, roughly a week ago there was this grade-A asshole in Colorado who shot up a movie theater and killed 12 people all in some misguided delusion that he was the Joker instead of, you know, a loser. Now naturally this stirred up a media frenzy, and that story is about all we heard about… Read More »

Sunday Sermons: The Unbelievable Racism Being Shown Towards Attorney General Eric Holder

This is going to be a very, very short sermon (compared to all the others) because 1. Sometimes, we are driven to make things more complicated than they really are to excuse or explain away racism…which really only gives more wiggle room to the people you’re arguing against. 2. I rarely get surprised by the… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: The Moral Imperative Behind Earth Day

Reaction to the Title of This Piece: “Geez, every fucking week it’s moral this, moral that…is there any issue that can’t be stretched into a sermon?” Well, not many, but this is a little different. Second reaction: “Isn’t it always a little different?” True, but what if I told you that something The Bible mentions… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: How Taxes Can Tell Us Our Values, by Worshipping Different “Government Gods”

Last year around this time, the country felt more or less stuck in the same rut that it is today. Democrats are trying to take on multiple agendas at once (getting gay marriage into more states, making sure Obama’s not a one-term president, struggling to not have unions wiped out, not letting the country crumble… Read More »

The Internet Comments on the Trayvon Martin Case Show We’re Not Post-Racial (But Maybe Post-Caring)

By now everyone and their brother has probably read something or the other about the Trayvon Martin case online, and everyone and their brother has probably also commented on the case. It’s not surprising that people would have strong opinions about a case like this, but it does surprise me to read exactly what they’re… Read More »

Sunday Sermons: Alabama MUST Get a Lottery

Right off the bat, I’ll address the question I would have after reading that title and that’s “Is this an April Fool’s Joke?” And the answer is no, I’m being completely serious when I say that Alabama has no forms of a lottery or really any fully-authorized gambling except for a couple of Indian casinos that… Read More »

Inside Alabama’s Political Slide From Democrat-Controlled to Far-Red State

On Tuesday, the Republican Presidential primary will receive the ultimate test in irrelevance…Alabama and Mississippi vote. Arguably, the two most conservative and poverty-stricken states in the country are what are known as “outlier” states. Meaning they’re so far in one direction they’re not a great indication of what the entire country is thinking. Using the… Read More »