Sunday’s Sermon: Domino’s Sues Over Birth Control Mandate, is the War on Women Back?

By | December 16, 2012

While a senseless tragedy dominates the news cycle in an equally senseless way (sorry, but at this point, it’s exploiting the tragedy more than really covering it), a story that might affect a whole lot more people has slipped through the cracks.

In case the headline didn’t give away, that story is Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan suing over the “Obamacare” birth control mandate. For those that don’t know, the “birth control mandate” means…well, exactly as it sounds, it’s a mandate for employers to cover birth control in their health insurance programs.

Monaghan (and how this guy hasn’t already been a “Rich Asshole of the Month” is beyond me), is saying he’s “a devout Roman Catholic” and he thinks it’s wrong to provide birth control to his employees, and even more wrong for the government to make him. [The perfect cocktail of outrage for a blowhard billionaire: covering something for women and the government forcing him to, why, that damn near resembles a tax! And we all know how rich people feel about taxes.]

Now this isn’t the first suit to challenge the healthcare law’s birth control mandate. There are several around the country. But it is telling that he would file this suit while the nation is talking so much about a string of mass shootings (I know the wheels of industry must go on, but is a time when murdered kids are a part of the national conversation when you really want to be the guy skimping out on birth control for your female employees?) and also after an election when single women let it be known loud and clear that they know who the players are in the War on Women, and they are ready to fight for progress. Every candidate perceived as anti-women or clueless about women’s issues lost, and more women were sent to congress than ever before. The message to the GOP (and their corporate string-pullers) seemed to be that the War on Women was over, and they had lost. Now this Domino’s chump makes me wonder…

Can conservatives ever truly grow up on this issue? Abortion has been “the law of the land” for thirty years and they’re still fighting it. Contraception has been around for…well, ever, but in its current form it’s been around longer than anyone who’s alive to fight it, so why is this still an issue? I guess it’ll take every anti-women member of congress being voted out before this finally, finally, finally is resolved once and for all.

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