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Mormon Mitt vs. Snake-Handler Santorum, Two Very Different Religious Options For Social Conservatives

I know, I know, this presidential race is played out. There are literally hundreds of other big stories going on that nobody is talking about since the media is obsessed with taking the easy way out by covering the race exclusively. I’ve been trying hard to diversify stories lately but Super Tuesday is coming up… Read More »

“We Won’t Be Ignored Electorate,” With Santorum, Social Conservatives Live Out Fatal Attraction

Just when Alabamians thought they would be sitting on the sidelines in this year’s presidential race, watching a race play out between what they view as “President Black Panther” and “Mormon-bot Romney,” an idea started to formulate among restless social conservatives. They started thinking “Hey, how come we don’t like Romney but he’s going to… Read More »

What Exactly Is a Racist? The Definition: Recently Fired Pundit/White Supremacist Pat Buchanan

Two things that I hope that loaded title conveyed: 1. That Pat Buchanan has been fired from MSNBC, the left leaning alternative to Faux News that apparently couldn’t find a reason to keep an old racist around anymore. 2. That this article will explore what a racist is, and that I think it is, you… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Why I’m Not Impressed with Santorum’s “Miracle”

For those that can’t immediately tell what the title of this article refers to, let me recap. First, Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign was all but over as little as two weeks ago. The dude had absolutely no chance of beating Romney, and was even behind Newt Gingrich. At around the time he was becoming a political… Read More »

Everything Sunday’s Sermons Has Taught Me

And finally completing the site’s series on “Everything [insert section here] has taught me” comes the final one for the final day of the week: Sunday’s Sermons. I have to admit that writing things in a top five style list has been tantalizingly easy this past week and I’m tempted to keep doing it, but,… Read More »

Romney vs. Obama, the First Presidential Race EVER With No WASP Candidate

Yesterday saw Mitt Romney cruise to an easy victory in Nevada’s presidential primary and thus added to the growing consensus that it would take a miracle to stop him from becoming the Republican nominee for President. But if it really is Romney vs. Obama, and right now it’s looking all but certain it will be,… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Why Are Democrat Politicians So Quiet in Backing Abortion?

As I pointed out in the Sunday’s Sermon directly below this one: making abortion legal actually decreased the number of abortions a country has, and abortion numbers have gone nowhere but down in almost every country that has legalized it. So with last Sunday marking the anniversary of the STILL controversial decision of Roe v.… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Abortion Rates are HIGHER in Areas Where It’s Illegal

So here it is the weekend of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and a little earlier in the week brought an Associated Press news story that many of you might have missed given that it was buried under internet blackouts and Republican candidates slap fighting each other like something out of a three Stooges… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermon: The Death of Joe Paterno and the Cult of College Football

In a two-for-one first for the site I bring you not one, but TWO Sermons today. So either I’ve gotten a sturdier soapbox than the year I’ve been doing this site or there is a lot to talk about in the world of religion and race this week. Earlier today I recapped all of Mitt… Read More »

Sunday’s Sermons: Mitt the Mormon Church Money Launderer? Inside Romney’s Shady Finances

So I know I’m supposed to spend the day after the South Carolina primary talking about Gingrich’s big comeback and how he fought his way past dubious open marriage allegations (probably financed by Romney truth be told) to win a decisive victory that means…something, I guess…Yawn, I’m sorry but I just can’t work up the… Read More »