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Iowa Clusterfuck

“Iowa, you have shocked the nation.”–Pete Buttigieg Truer words were never spoken, although not for the reasons Buttigieg may have meant. Iowa once again unleashed an 18-layer clusterfuck cake in the results for their caucasian-caucus (CNN correspondents showed various caucus sites around the state, and I almost got snow-blindness from all the bland, pasty crowds).… Read More »

Episode 49–Mission Unaccomplished

If you enjoyed our amazing 50-state tour, why not recommend us to ANYONE that can help get this podcast syndicated? The next episode is our last one unless we get sponsors or syndication…

New Hampshire and Iowa are Not Only VERY White But Regional

Before the media gets too caught up pretending that New Hampshire and Iowa are great indicators of what the “folks out there” are thinking, it’s a little crazy to think that these two states weed out our presidential candidates when both of them put together don’t have the populations of New York (which isn’t voting… Read More »

Why Do Candidates Care So Damn Much if They Won Iowa?

I don’t know about the rest of the political blogging community, but I’m a little “Iowa-ed” out. I thought the state was supposed to disappear shortly after the caucus results were announced, like it does every year. Let’s be honest, Iowa is kind-of the weird relative of states. “No, I’ll be back before the next… Read More »

Episode 5 -Is the Winner of Iowa Really a Loser?

Today’s episode is an exciting one, as we get into predictions for who will win Iowa, how many states each candidate will get, who will drop out next, who will win the nomination of each party, and even who they will select as VP. Along the way we answer such burning questions as are Latinos… Read More »