Episode 49–Mission Unaccomplished

In the penultimate episode and true climax of our series, we take listeners on our most jaw-dropping accomplishment yet: a top-to-bottom rebuilding of the Democratic Party complete with a 50-state tour of America. The first twenty minutes are “12 Steps to Recovery” and then the state tour of America with ideas on how the Democratic Party can retake each of those states. We honestly hope you’ve enjoyed our efforts over the last year, and just ask yourself “What other podcast has ever went in-depth on every state in only an hour?” Along the way we ask difficult questions like: Does Trump listen to Obama’s phone calls? Could Trump kill John McCain on live television and not be investigated by congressional Republicans? What’s the secret sauce of Montana and Hawaii? Should Michigan and Wisconsin now be considered red states? Could Hollywood single-handedly turn Georgia, Pennsylvania, or Louisiana into blue states? Is Indiana a real place? What’s the most hopeless red state in America for Democrats and the one most ripe for flipping?

Note: If you enjoyed our amazing 50-state tour, why not help us get this podcast syndicated? Episode 50 will surely be the last one unless we can “break out.”

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 49--Mission Unaccomplished

One thought on “Episode 49–Mission Unaccomplished

  1. jabroni

    amazing job guys!

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