Senate Republicans Only Rammed Through “Handmaid’s Tale” Because They Know They’re Going to Lose

By | October 28, 2020

“Will ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ getting rammed through the SCOTUS be bad for Republican Senators?” …Oh yes…

Conservative voters have already gotten the thing they most want—so it de-incentivizes them to vote (especially if they happen to live in one of those Georgia/Texas districts with 10 hour wait times). And especially if they know Trump is going to lose anyway—so it might be like “Why go to the trouble when he’s doomed? Just to save a Senator who’s already delivered the court?”

BUT liberals are furious, so it only fires them up even more. You are seeing record turnout anyway and this will only add to it.

Plus, it pushes independents into Democratic arms because: 1. They don’t care at all about a “super conservative Supreme Court” and may even be turned off by it since abortion and Obamacare are POPULAR with moderates and independents.

2. “Republicans have not passed a second stimulus in 7 months, but they rammed through that stuck-up, religious weirdo 7 days before the Presidential election and in less than 7 weeks from start to finish? Hell no.” [An impeached President has never seated a SCOTUS judge before and there has also never been a SCOTUS pick seated this close to a Presidential election.] Voters have practically SCREAMED at Republican senators that they want a second stimulus, and the fact that McConnell called a senate recess the second Handmaid’s Tale was confirmed only proves that they don’t give a damn.

In truth, I think Democrats would have taken the Senate anyway, and Republicans know that or they would’ve waited until after the election.

If they weren’t 100% sure Trump would lose this election and they’d lose their majority, they would’ve waited until after the election—as that makes infinitely more sense politically.

Liberals, Centrists, moderates, independents, progressives, left-leaning individuals of all stripes: Vote, vote, vote, vote like your life depends on it, because it surely does.

One thought on “Senate Republicans Only Rammed Through “Handmaid’s Tale” Because They Know They’re Going to Lose

  1. Mary

    Great article! I am so ashamed of the Republican party for doing this. What the fuck?
    Their word means nothing. Such back stabbing losers. I will never vote for another Republican again.

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