WCE: Glenn Beck Announces Plans for His Own Country…Is Beck Really that Crazy or Just that Rich?

By | January 16, 2013

Even though I couldn’t fit it in the title, Glenn Beck will be this month’s Rich Asshole of the Month. [Oh, that’s right, that feature is most definitely coming into 2013…there will no doubt be shameless rich folks even in a non-election year. I hear Donald Trump makes the news nearly every day, so he’ll be the stand-by for a slow month.]

Now I know that picking Glenn Beck for an insult is even easier than shooting fish in a barrel (those fuckers can be slippery in that barrel, Beck is more like running over a possum after it’s already dead), but there simply was no way I could ignore him this month. We all know Beck subsists on a steady diet of his own Kool-Aid, and thinks he’s the messiah America needs, but to actually announce his plans to start his own country redefines the phrase “delusions of grandeur.”

Beck———–who is just grandiose enough to have no sense of irony when he says something like this———–recently announced plans for (I’m not kidding) Independence, USA, a self-sustaining community that will, to use Beck’s own words, “Go Galt,” meaning to be a community a lot like the one Ayn Rand’s John Galt character creates in Atlas Shrugged. The community will feature homes, baseball fields, an amusement park, and a marketplace. But Beck was very adamant that there wouldn’t be a GAP at this marketplace. [I swear to God, I’m really not making this stuff up.]

His primary passion point seems to be that the vaguely-defined “community” (is it a country of its own? a colony of the US? an island nation? or like an Indian reservation where only Beck thinks he’s not subject to U.S. laws?) have an “education” program where kids are “deprogrammed” from what they might learn in college. You know it’s funny how people like Beck and Rick Santorum seem to hate American colleges so much, yet all their attempts at “deprogramming” sound a lot like brainwashing.

Beck is yet the latest man with more money than sense to indulge in the “Libertarian” fantasy of a billionaire-made country off the coast of America. [Facebook investor and Paypal founder Peter Thiel has talked about building a Seasteading Community off the coast of San Francisco for years.] And he estimates the cost of his to be around 2 billion dollars.

So Beck can spend that kind of money to play Fantasy Island, but he thinks any sort of tax increase to save crumbling inner-city schools is an outrage that must be fought tooth-and-nail? You know what I call a man who would rather sink 2 billion into a cultish island-nation that worships him than reinvest that money in the country that made him rich?

That’s right: an asshole. And to be even more precise: a rich asshole. That’s why Beck more than deserves this month’s “prize.”

One thought on “WCE: Glenn Beck Announces Plans for His Own Country…Is Beck Really that Crazy or Just that Rich?

  1. Christopher

    Maybe Beck can invest in an island off the coast and put dinosaurs on it. Wait, I think this has been done.
    Good article!

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