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Amazon Series Round-Up: Bosch, Hand of God, Goliath, Mad Dogs

The way I grouped yesterday’s series–Man in the High Castle, Fleabag, One Mississippi, Sneaky Pete, Patriot–may have felt more than a little random, but today has a distinct theme: anti-heroes. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, I actually enjoy even the weakest of these series during their worst episodes more than most series. Even if “Hand of God”… Read More »

Amazon Series Reviewed: Sneaky Pete, Patriot, One Mississippi, Fleabag, Man in High Castle

After reviewing Amazon’s Pilot Season and upcoming shows, why not take a look back at several series they’ve had recently…[And a handful more tomorrow too]… Sneaky Pete…This con artist-set series has already been renewed for a second season, but I found it to be a mixed-bag overall. There are certainly great things to recommend like… Read More »

Amazon’s Upcoming Series: The Tick, I Love Dick, Last Tycoon, and Jean Claude Van Johnson

While I reviewed this current crop of Amazon’s pilots yesterday, it might be time to take a look at the series they greenlit from last year’s pilot season… The Tick…A dedicated group will love this update of “The Tick” but I wasn’t encouraged by the pilot. The lead character/actor (Griffin Newman playing an accountant with… Read More »

Odds on Which Amazon Prime Pilot Season Series Will Get Picked Up

Amazon Prime’s pilot seasons—in which viewers watch a handful or so of TV pilots and pick which ones they want to see made into series—started out revolutionary and often invoked the praise “Finally! Why don’t more networks do this?” Well, partly because cable series and our bingeable culture (Amazon itself releases all episodes of its… Read More »

“Get Out” IS Racist, but Towards Interracial Couples

The buzz and controversy of “Get Out” is deafening, but the few–too few–criticisms the movie appears to be getting is that it’s anti-white or racist towards white people. I don’t really believe that, and there’s little in this movie that hasn’t been in “Machete” or Blaxploitation films, but the film is anti-interracial couples and in that way… Read More »

Oscar Predictions: Who Will Be Nominated…AND Win

Note: I can usually predict about 4 out of 5 nominees and 2/3rds of winners, for whatever that’s worth in your Oscar betting pool. The rankings are how sure I am they’ll be nominated (so the 4th or 5th placers may very well not make the cut) and the top choice is who I think will… Read More »

The Reason White Racists Love FX’s “Atlanta”

Opening Defense: I know the pushback I’ll most likely receive is “but wait–black people love ‘Atlanta’ too.” Sure, but this year saw a variety of black-starring and created TV shows from “Loosely Exactly Nicole” to “Insecure” to “Luke Cage” to “Queen Sugar” and none of them received the universal adoration from white critics that “Atlanta” did.… Read More »

The 10 Best TV Shows of 2016

You’ve seen the Best (and Worst) Characters, and the Best Scenes or Episodes, but still, there can be only one true list of the year’s 10 Best TV Shows… Honorable Mention: “Real Time with Bill Maher” is about to become the most important voice for “The Resistance.” Let’s quit kidding ourselves that Trumpers will ever listen to… Read More »

The Best TV Scenes or Episodes of 2016

Note: This is a combination of TV episodes, scenes, moments, shots, or whatever you want to call it. This is not to be confused with “The Best TV series of 2016” which ranks an entire season, and will be posted shortly… Honorable Mention: “The Good Wife” Iowa episode…”The Good Wife” gave us a lot of good… Read More »