An Audio Interview with Roger Hobbs, Author of the Terrific “Ghostman” Series


Longtime readers know I’ve been a fan of Roger Hobbs for years, and both of his novels have easily made Alabama Liberal’s Top Ten Books of the Year list. He was nice enough to have a wide-ranging conversation where we discuss his mysterious central character, influences (from other authors to Michael Mann), where to visit in Asia, if people are envious of a mid-20’s bestselling author, how he’s able to research criminals so well, Macau corruption, and advice he’d give to young authors.

All that and much more, so listen in and make sure to read his terrific novels the first chance you get, including last year’s “Vanishing Games,” 2015’s most purely satisfying novel with a sapphire heist gone wrong, a memorably scary villain, and a Macau backdrop that’s almost as good as being there. The ending is note perfect and you’ll probably reach it in one-sitting…

Vanishing Games655




5 thoughts on “An Audio Interview with Roger Hobbs, Author of the Terrific “Ghostman” Series

  1. jayden

    interesting id didn’t know about these books before but they sound like something i’d like.

  2. Adeline

    Great interview, I’ll have to pickup a copy.

  3. Rafi

    OMG so that’s why I saw a couple buying 10 Chanel bags at the Peninsular hotel’s Chanel Store in Kowloon ?

  4. Savannah

    WOW! Loved this! I will have to get a copy.
    Great interview. Do you interview for a company?
    If not you need to.

  5. Joe

    Great interview. Loved listening, please do another one and yes I did read this in one sitting.
    Hobbs has a way with words.
    So does this blogger. You should be writing for Entertainment Weekly or something.
    THeir interviews are not good.

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