A Big Reason Trump Should Pass Stimulus On His Way Out the Door

People have pointed out that if Trump plans to run again in 2024, he absolutely should try to get a second stimulus passed. But he should do it even if he doesn’t run again in 2024.

Partly for his own legacy.

Right now, he will be most fondly remembered as…

  1. The first POTUS in US history to receive an impeachment vote from his own party.
  2. The first POTUS since Benjamin Harrison to lose back-to-back popular votes. [Only he and John Quincy Adams have also done this.] Also, the biggest loss for an incumbent Republican President since Herbert Hoover.
  3. The first POTUS in US history to not accept the results of the election, and actively block the transition of power.

Wow, what a legacy.

Passing a second stimulus might change the last image we have of Trump as a pouty man-baby sulking like a bitch on his way out the door.

Of course, he won’t do it, because that would slightly help Biden.

Instead, he wants Biden to be forced to shutdown the country due to CoVid (Trump SHOULD be doing this now) in his first three months, thus tanking the economy, and also making him even more desperate to pass a stimulus.

But Trump won’t do a thing to help Biden. That’s why he’ll let him take office being desperate to pass a stimulus and shutdown the country. Then the economy will tank and CoVid deaths will go up (January and February are colder months than even right now). Then Trump can tweet out “failure Biden has disaster in his first month. Should’ve picked me!”

What a completely classless piece of shit.

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