Episode 9–Is There a Racial and Gender Divide Among Progressives?

By | February 18, 2016

In one of our best episodes so far we get to the big questions: If Cruz and Rubio speak any more Spanish at the debates, will Trump build a wall around the stage? Will the mutual hatred between he and Jeb lead Trump to threaten to deport Columba Bush? And then our main topic: Is there a growing racial, age, and gender divide among progressives? ┬áIs Bernie even good for the movement or is he dividing it at a crucial rallying time? Have his followers turned “Wall Street” accusations into the liberal “Communist?” Is the ultimate white privilege that young white “progressives” now view black leadership as “sell-outs?” And is the far-left becoming the un-witting pawn of the GOP (led by a sneaky Karl Rove plan)?

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 9--Is There a Racial and Gender Divide Among Progressives?

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