Episode 7–Is the Drug War Really a Race War?

In the 7th episode of “A Year Long Conversation” we ask the tough questions: was Ben Carson dreaming of cartoons during refusal to take debate stage? Did Rubio-bot malfunction or get his casing wet when he repeated the same thing several times? Did Ted Cruz really have a human sister or was he (as we assume) egg-hatched? Could Jesus himself beat Trump in New Hampshire? And then we get into the main theme: the drug war and is it really a race war? We look back at the evolution of Reconstruction-era black jailing and laws against Chinese opium as precursors to the sorry state of minority over-incarceration. And which candidate has the best answer to how we treat drugs and drug crime?

Alabama Liberal
Alabama Liberal
Episode 7--Is the Drug War Really a Race War?

One thought on “Episode 7–Is the Drug War Really a Race War?

  1. Michael

    To clarify, I mentioned the lend-lease system and meant the convict-lease system. I blame it on the cold medicine I was on.

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