Episode 35–What Will Obama Do Post-POTUS? And Predicting His Legacy

By | September 7, 2016

In our first truly “Obama Episode” we pull out our crystal ball to wonder what Obama will do after his presidency, and trying to predict how he’ll be remembered as President. Such burning questions include: Will Republicans miss torturing him? Exactly what bugs Republicans about Obamacare (their own plan)? Do Americans know we have the most rightwing healthcare system in the world? Will the first black President be followed by the last white President (Trump)? Is it easier to appreciate Obama as the polar opposite of Bush? Will Obama stop ducking our invitations to appear on the podcast? Why do Democratic ex-Presidents start charities and Republican ex-Presidents go into hiding? And a final thought about how Obama expanded our role models and heroes…

One thought on “Episode 35–What Will Obama Do Post-POTUS? And Predicting His Legacy

  1. Left Way

    Obama’s had to fight the Rethuglicans the whole way. They never gave him a chance

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