Sunday’s Sermons: Togo’s Women Have a Sex Strike…Should American Women Do the Same?

By | August 26, 2012

There’s a small piece of international news circling around out there about an honest-to-God sex strike taking place this week in the West African country of Togo. Apparently, women there are fed up with the current president, and their plan to oust him is to withhold sex from their husbands for a week.

I actually feel like this is an amazing idea, that may do a lot more than any protests could ever dream of. In fact, I suspect that it might be pretty effective stateside. [Although American women may have to go longer than a week for American husbands to even notice.]

Republicans have become so sexless—-so weirdly, paradoxically fetishistic about the issue of sex—-that it may very well take an actual sex strike to show them the reality of what they’re advocating.

I’m not just talking about Todd “Legitimate Rape Can’t Result in Pregnancy” Akin, who’s currently polluting a senate race with blatant falsehoods about women’s health and anatomy. I’m talking about the Rick Santorums who think sex should be for procreation only, and birth control ought to be outlawed. I’m talking about Mitt Romney’s complete refusal to connect with women voters or treat them as equals. And I’m talking about Paul Ryan, a staunch anti-abortionist who actually co-authored several bills with Akin…even as he throws him under the bus now.

Maybe it’s time women showed these old white men (who will never have to carry a child to term or need to go to Planned Parenthood for their breast cancer screenings) what their “No Sex” philosophy can lead to. Of course, maybe they wouldn’t even notice it. Maybe these guys don’t like sex for other people, because they barely want it themselves.

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