Sunday Sermons: The Unbelievable Racism Being Shown Towards Attorney General Eric Holder

By | July 1, 2012

This is going to be a very, very short sermon (compared to all the others) because 1. Sometimes, we are driven to make things more complicated than they really are to excuse or explain away racism…which really only gives more wiggle room to the people you’re arguing against. 2. I rarely get surprised by the Republicans these days, but this is so disgustingly partisan and oblivious—-even by their standards—-that I could risk getting incoherent with emotion if I talk about it too long.

Basically, the Republicans in congress voted to hold Eric Holder in “Contempt of Congress,” and that has never been done to a sitting cabinet head in the history of the United States. Now, I could waste precious paragraphs explaining why they did this over his role in the ATF operation “Fast and Furious,” but it’s irrelevant. They did it because Eric Holder is the first black attorney general in history, and now the first active cabinet head of any kind held in contempt of congress. It’s that damn simple.

Republicans in congress did this because they are racist (and please, for the love of God, don’t trot out Allen West’s participation in this, having a token black guy go along with whatever you want isn’t the same as actually caring about black people). They don’t show proper respect to someone of Holder’s position because he is black, period. Anyone who says that’s a ridiculous statement or that it’s merely a coincidence or that I’m overreacting or seeing what I want to is also a racist, period. People that don’t want to see race, don’t see it. But I can’t keep letting the blind lead the blind on this topic when I know why Obama and Holder have never been given the proper respect they deserve for their positions. It’s not hard to see the real reasons, you just have to be willing to.

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