Working Class Economist: This Month’s Rich Bastard is…Mitt Romney

By | January 25, 2012

Today brings the start of what I hope to be one of the new monthly features inserted into Alabama Liberal. On Monday I will reveal the site’s first “Book of the Month Club” selection and today I’m revealing, you guessed it, “This Month’s Rich Bastard.” So who better to be January’s rich bastard than the man who has been dominating headlines for all the wrong reasons as he finally turns over his well-guarded tax returns.

So despite all of the smoke screen news that has come out in the last week (Newt’s supposed open marriage offer, The State of the Union, football playoffs, Oscar nominations, etc.) the one story I can’t let go of is Mitt’s financial facts. Just to recap, the dude set up millions in lucrative deals for The Mormon Church (I guess not so much his own man apart from his faith after all), donated 2.7 million to the Mormon Church in the last few years which is almost 3 quarters of anything he gave to charity at all in that time period, pays a tax rate of 14 percent on 250 million dollars which is a lower rate than people making 40k a year pay, and has TEN to THIRTY million stashed out in the Cayman Islands paying NO U.S. taxes on that money.

In response to his obscene tax maneuvering, Romney said “I don’t think the American people want a President who pays more in taxes than they have to.” W-R-O-N-G Romney. I want an American president that pays way more than he is legally forced to in our much-ridiculed and loop holed tax code, because I want a president who sets an example for the rest of the country to follow…not one who runs away from obligations or tries to weasel out of them. I want a president who puts country over cash, and it’s painfully obvious Romney isn’t that president. BUT he does get a consolation prize, he’s this month’s rich bastard.

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