Why Does the Media Hate Hillary Clinton?

By | February 9, 2016

Anyone who says the media doesn’t go after Hillary Clinton must be insane or Karl Rove or currently running for president against her. Back in 2008, SNL even had a hilarious parody of it with reporters openly showing their love for Obama while giving Hillary disdain.

Right now, Bernie’s New Hampshire win was nothing short of inevitable. The real story might be that he’d been leading her by 30 points only a week ago, and she placed significantly better than that. But that isn’t the story you’ll find anywhere on a major blog or newspaper right now. Most media outlets seem to take a perverse delight in dumping on Hillary. And I’m not just talking about conservative outlets either.

Sure, we all know Faux Noise and Breitbart would write a story accusing Hillary of kidnapping the Lindberg baby, but what’s Huffington Post’s excuse? Why is a supposedly “left-leaning” site writing near daily hit pieces on her? Why does MSNBC seem infatuated with tearing her down too? The other day I was seeing so many negative articles on Salon that I thought I was accidentally on The Drudge Report.

Then there are so-called “respectable” outlets outside the internet fray like Washington Post that run hourly takedowns of Hillary. The New York Times is a little bit more muted, but only a little bit.

Which is not to say that supposedly “liberal” Hollywood is much kinder, or at least not the men. Mark Ruffalo has been on a crusade to “stop Hillary” even invoking how he’s voting against her for his daughters, like they would really be proud of him campaigning against the first female president. Even the usually-correct Bill Maher acknowledged how Hillary has been unfairly demonized in an Over Time segment…before vehemently backing Bernie for the nomination with the Sanders’ campaign’s own canned talking points the next week.

Hillary has all but two of the entire House of Representives (Democratic side) backing her, and all Democratic senators. She is polling ahead of Sanders in every state but his home state of Vermont, and even Obama appeared to endorse her (kind-of) in an interview a few weeks ago. It seems like the only place she’s not getting support in is the media itself, and that might require a real investigation into why that is. If those fools in congress want to investigate something besides Benghazi for a week, this would be a good place to start…

[Note: Since posting this article only a few hours ago, I’ve seen no less than a dozen Hillary attack pieces on major publications, like the New York Post proclaiming “Hillary Blackmailed Press to Get Positive Coverage.” Well that must have been some weak blackmail since I’ve yet to see the ‘Positive’ coverage.]


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