What Would Trump’s 2nd Term Look Like?

By | December 19, 2019

This seems like a strange question to ask on the day after Trump became only the third U.S. President to be impeached, and most people are so terrified of this possibility they might secretly curse me just for speaking it into existence. Please understand that I’m not saying he’ll be reelected and I damn sure hope that he won’t, but I’ve done all of the major Democratic candidates (plus Tulsi Gabbard), so why not look into Public Enemy No. 1, the notorious DJT?

–Is it possible to be more unhinged? In the past week alone, we’ve seen him reach even more glorious lows of mental instability–starting twitter feuds with Faux News (who are apparently not conservative enough because they showed a poll of him losing) and losing one with a teenage girl (Greta Thunberg), who he was so psychotically jealous of he had his team photoshop his head onto her Time Magazine Person of the Year cover along with a list of his dubious “accomplishments.”

His mental state is only trending in one direction: downward. And given that Trump is now only the third President in history to be formally impeached in the House, I see a 2nd term loon with zero fucks to give.

–Russia will take back Ukraine, and China will go unchecked. This may not sound totally important for America’s interests, but an extremely aggressive Russia and China will pretty much run rampant on the world stage if President Treason is allowed to remain in office. Since Trump is actively courting Russian and Chinese interference, you can bet that if he is reelected, it’ll be because they helped him out even more this time. And there’s nothing Vladimir Putin wants more than the reabsorption of Ukraine.

–Democrats will take back control of the senate in 2022, and many state government seats. It seems unlikely Democrats will take back control of the senate in 2020 (although I sure hope I’m wrong), but a 2nd Trump term almost guarantees the end of Mitch McConnell and Co’s reign of terror. I’d also predict substantial wins in America’s governor’s mansions and state houses. Barack Obama lost over 1,000 legislative seats during his 8 years, and I think Trump would likely break that number in a second term.

–Raging Recession. There hasn’t been a full-term serving Republican President who hasn’t had a recession start on their watch since Rutherford B. Hayes nearly 150 years ago. And it seems extremely unlikely Donald Trump would break that streak.

–War, what is it good for? People keep wondering why Trump hasn’t already started a war to save himself (few Presidents aren’t reelected during war time, and America has spent most of its years involved in a war), and that’s probably because America doesn’t have a single enemy nation that Russia or China would want us to go to war with. Madero in Venezuela, Assad’s Syria, Iran, and North Korea are all allied states of Putin and Co. And even if they’d like for America to attack our allied nations…a war with Israel or Western Europe would be too much even for Trump to get away with.

Overall: Four more years of a Do-Nothing foreign policy and income inequality exacerbating domestic policy? No thanks, and add a raging recession on top of that with a completely incompetent President incapable of managing it OR even properly staffing his cabinet? Sounds like a disaster. Not to mention Ruth Bader Ginsberg being unlikely to survive another 5 years. BUT Democrats likely would be able to pick up a lot of congressional seats…so there’s that at least (which makes it a little more exciting than Gabbard only because Trump is at least doing severe damage to the Republican brand). Excitement Level For a 2nd Trump Term: F+

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