What Would a Tulsi Gabbard Presidency Look Like?

By | December 19, 2019

Okay, so Tulsi Gabbard isn’t even remotely in the top 5, and if you want serious predictions, please check out the other articles in this series…

–Dosvedanya comrades. “I can see Russia from my White House…because this is Putin’s summer home.” Vladimir Putin would very quickly reabsorb Ukraine, and Gabbard wouldn’t lift a finger to stop it.

–An extreme resistance to universal civil rights or “regime change wars.” Dictators would have free reign in Gabbard’s world. Erdogan wants to kill Kurds? Go for it. Assad wants to declare war on any Syrian not living in his palace? Sure. Madero wants to starve his people further, and China wants to start nerve gassing Hong Kong protesters? Shoot the moon. Gabbard ran for President specifically to parrot Russian talking points and advocate for a completely isolationist American foreign policy. Of course, unlike Sanders or Warren (who want variations on the same thing), Gabbard would also not be the biggest defender (or ANY defender) of civil rights at home either.

–Mitch McConnell may actually prefer dealing with her over Trump. I can’t see Gabbard doing anything at all that the Republicans wouldn’t like. She is one of only four house Democrats to not vote for Trump’s impeachment and routinely makes the conservative case on Faux News. While she talks a great game about “bipartisanship,” that seems to mean shitting on powerful Democrats while leaving Republicans totally unbothered. McConnell would probably prefer dealing with Gabbard over an increasingly unhinged Trump, and that way he could say “there’s broad bipartisan support” for his lunacy, and only “an obstructionist Nancy Pelosi” stands in the way of a full conservative takeover.

Overall: Gabbard would be the most “bipartisan” President in that she will routinely fuck over other Democrats to help Republicans achieve their goals. If ending the division in Washington means letting America’s most regressive political party take us back to the 1890’s, then I’ll pass. She’s the only candidate where I might actually prefer Trump being elected to a 2nd term because Russia and China cannot be allowed to take over both political parties. Excitement Level for a Tulsi Gabbard Presidency: F-

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