What is the Republican Election Platform?

By | September 18, 2022

Good question, and I’m not sure all of them truly know…

As others have pointed out, Trump did not have a platform in 2020. While running, he steadfastly avoided even talking about what a second term would look like. “What do you want to do in a second term?” “Make America Great Again and America First…” “The first one was an old Reagan slogan and the second was an isolationist, Nazi-sympathetic group in the 1930’s. What do either of those actually mean for a 2nd term?” “Well, Hunter Biden’s laptop and Antifa…”

By contrast, Joe Biden ran on actual issues and platforms. Some of it has been able to get through the turd-locked Senate (a 3rd stimulus, quick vaccine distribution and mandates wherever possible, a massive infrastructure renewal, officially ending the war in Afghanistan with a complete pull out, strengthening American alliances with special focus on NATO and “the Quad,” the first black woman on the Supreme Court, bills focusing on American competitiveness like increased chipmaking in the U.S.). The majority of it has been blocked by Joe Manchin and the 50 Republican senators (voting rights legislation, codified national abortion rights, bans on assault weapons and “ghost gun” kits, universal pre-K, a national public option for healthcare, Build Back Better, and climate proposals).

One of Biden’s best ideas is/was to use ARPA funds to seriously invest in cancer research and a possible cure—his “moon shot,” so to speak. It has received so little attention, many do not even know he wants to do it.

Trump’s “moon shot” was to put up some sheet metal on the border between Mexico and the U.S. and hope no industrious human traffickers spend money on such high-tech tools as a battering ram/bulldozer to knock it down or equipment to dig a tunnel under it or a rope to climb over the damn thing.

The Democratic controlled House has passed over 300 bills that the partially-Republican-controlled Senate will not even take up because they know it’s a waste of time if they can’t get Manchin’s vote. For their part, Republican senators from Rick Scott to Lindsey Graham seem uninterested in any proposals that would not hurt middle class people (“sunsetting” social security, privatizing Medicare and abolishing Obamacare, repealing the inheritance tax).

The only thing we have to go on in terms of actual action are the Supreme Court and Ron DeSantis…

In Florida, Ron DeSantis runs around accomplishing his every brain fart like he’s Lord Emperor of Swampland and his platform has become frighteningly clear: Don’t Say Gay Bill, Stop “WOKE” Act (which limits what even private businesses can talk about), trying to control educational thought from kindergarten to college, book bans, ripping up black congressional districts just to hurt political opponents (Val Demmings, running for Senate), extreme party loyalty (buying books from Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s educational company), trying to control public health (refused to order CoVid vaccines for children under 5…only Governor in the U.S. to do so), thinking the affairs of private business are his to meddle in (threatening to sue Twitter—which the Florida pension system has a very small stake in—if they tried to prevent Elon Musk’s hostile takeover, plus his battles with Norwegian Cruise Line over vaccine mandates), and government repossession of private property if a business angers him in any way (Disney’s Reedy Creek property over Disney’s MILD objection to “Don’t Say Gay” bill).

In short, Ron DeSantis is a Communist and is arguably the biggest star in the GOP. And the Supreme Court seems cool with Gilead from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The only other true platform I see is the Texas GOP, which wants to secede from America.

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