100 Reasons to Vote AGAINST Donald Trump

By | October 9, 2020

When you ask Trump’s cult why they can still support a man so obviously unpresidential, unfit for office, corrupt, and possibly insane–they usually ask variations of the question “What has he done wrong exactly?”

Insanely naive variations of the question “Why is he so bad?” reveal someone as a dyed-in-the-wool Fox News viewer or Joe Rogan podcast listener who may not actually know all the ways Trump is different–in the worst way.

I doubt ANYONE who doesn’t know this already will even be bothered to learn, but in case you feel like providing them with a list, this is Luther’s “95 Theses” for Trump fans.

This is in no particular order…

100. He’s been sued 1200 times in Civil court before he took office.

99. He was running a Ponzi scheme (Trump University) he was forced to dissolve even at the moment he was being elected.

98. He was forced to dissolve his charity for fraud.

97. He has tried to hide his tax returns as if there’s a dead body in them. Saying he’d release them when the audit was over…for over four years.

96. Then while President, actively suing to keep them private…taking it all the way to the Supreme Court.

95. Also, having Mnuchin in Treasury (who overseas the IRS and is the one of the only Trump cabinet heads he hasn’t fired) block House Democrats from getting a copy.

94. The few things we have seen in the returns reveal he’s committed tax fraud to receive a 90 million dollar refund he’s being audited over. [Trumpers say “The IRS would say if he committed tax fraud” but the IRS is overseen by Treasury which he oversees…that would be like trying to arrest your boss’s boss’s boss.]

93. They also reveal Trump is over 400 million dollars in debt to unknown creditors. …Even if they are unknown, we know American banks refuse to lend him money (like Goldman Sachs calling him “radioactive”) because he bankrupted on two casinos (didn’t know that was possible). We also know he has close financial ties to Russia, and a disproportionate amount of his money comes from Russia.

92. He openly floated the idea of his own daughter being his VP in 2016. [Ivanka turned it down.]

91. He’s been married three times (a first) and had kids with three different women (a first).

90. He’s had his personal attorney go to prison for paying hush money to porn stars (a first).

89. Has talked about dating his own daughter (a first)…

88. Let that daughter have a place in his administration (a first)…and her husband too (a first)…

87. Given her thousands in consulting fees as we learned from his tax return leaks (a first)…

86. And offered to ease restrictions on China if they let her sell her Ivanka-line handbags there (first).

85. He’s said he would be dating a random 10-year-old girl in a few years (a first) when he saw her.

84. He was a peeping tom at the beauty pageants he owned, with many contestants saying he’d barge into their dressing rooms when he knew they were changing (a first).

83. President “Bone Spurs” has said his own personal Vietnam was avoiding an STD at Club 54 (as far as I know, a first). [While crapping on actual veterans like John McCain, saying he didn’t like prisoners of war “I like people who weren’t captured.”]

82. He’s has a mail order bride First Lady he picked out of a catalogue, who is heavily rumored to have been an Eastern bloc prostitute when he first met her (definitely a first).

81. He’s had a tape leak bragging about “p***y grabs” only a few weeks before the election.

80. This tape is his own words…this is not the record number of women who have accused him of sexual assault, the active rape case against him, his first wife (Ivana) filing a domestic abuse charge against, and also accusing him of spousal rape.

79. This “P-grab” tape is in addition to him being obsessed with a separate P-tape (the infamous “pee tape”) that supposedly exists. That’s right, the President has two separate P-tapes involving illegal or unusual sex acts.

78. He fired the Republican FBI Director James Comey after demanding his loyalty and being unimpressed with the answer.

77. He then told Lester Holt it was to obstruct “the Russia thing.”

76. He then fired Comey’s Republican FBI Director replacement Andrew McCabe.

75. He s*** on, obstructed, lied about, and generally meddled with Republican special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into him. Even though Mueller never said anything in the press, and hit Trump with kid gloves by never having his kids subpoenaed, never subpoenaing Trump, or even subpoenaing the tax returns.

74. He’s basically gone to war with the FBI (which was so Republican it was called “Trumpland” before he took office), tweeting negatively towards them as early as this week.

73. He was so furious his own hand-picked Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself on the “Russia thing,” he then fired him the day after the midterms.

72. And is still so mad about it, he blasted Sessions on Twitter—even while Sessions was sucking up to him—and heavily endorsed his primary rival Tommy Tuberville in the Alabama senate race.

71. He demanded TODAY that ultra-loyalist Attorney General Bill Barr arrest more of his enemies.

69. And complained that Barr (a more loyal Trump henchmen there has not been) isn’t doing enough to lock up his opponents and commit election fraud.

68. He’s tried to deliberately mismanage the Post Office into ruin and put a campaign backer (Louis DeJoy) as the head in a foolhardy attempt to f*** up mail-in voting until he got caught, and people raised hell.

67. He’s had EIGHT SEPARATE PEOPLE in his 2016 campaign (George Papadopoulous, Carter Paige, Don Jr, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone) with a connection to Russia or in regular contact with Russia.

66. He’s had THREE SEPARATE campaign directors be arrested (Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, Brad Parscale) for separate crimes.

65. He’s had the most corrupt and indicted administration in US history…

64. And that’s before we get into the multiple cabinet heads that haven’t even been indicted but have still resigned due to scandals (Ryan Zinke, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Seema Verma).

63. He has been heavily rumored to be a Russian asset. And refused to criticize Putin even in private, heavily implying Putin may have leverage over him.

62. He’s let Russia do pretty much whatever it wants…

61. Including have spies in the Oval Office for a photo op…

60. Refuse to sign sanctions congress passed against Russia in 2017…

59. Demand that Russia be readmitted to the G7 repeatedly, even threatening not to show up to a summit over the issue…

58. And (recently) a story about Trump refusing to take action when Russia put a bounty on US troops…or even believe it was happening.

57. He hates the CIA, and American intelligence agencies in general, and trusts Russian intel more than intel supplied by America.

56. He asked Russia for help at a campaign rally in 2016.

55. He’s asked China for help this cycle. [Not only over what he was impeached for but a separate story John Bolton told about Trump asking Xi for help buying crops to help his reelection.]

54. He’s lied more than 20,000 times since being in office. [An entirely separate list could be composed just from this one item–as Trump has not only lied about his properties, his net worth, his own weight, but also quite literally lied about the weather (the Alabama hurricane).]

53. He’s been IMPEACHED for trying to dig up dirt on a campaign rival.

52. He’s become the first President in US history to receive a vote for impeachment from his own party. Mitt Romney, was not only the first person to vote for impeachment against a member of his own party but also the 2012 Presidential nominee.

51. Even though he was not Democratically elected (lost by three million votes), he has been Democratically impeached by a House of Representatives the majority of people have voted for…and then saved by a Republican Senate where 15 million fewer people have voted for the Republicans than the Democrats, and the Dakotas outvote California 2-to-1.

50. He’s had his own former Secretary of Defense (Mattis) write a letter condemning his response to racial unrest.

49. He’s had more turnover in his administration than a f***ing McDonald’s because no one can stand to be around Trump long-term. And has been called “a f***ing moron” by his Secretary of State (Tillerson) and “like an eight year old” by his Chief of Staff (General John Kelly).

48. He’s had several high-profile cabinet members refuse to endorse him (Mattis, HR McMaster, John Kelly, Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn)…

47. Others who have literally written books about how awful he is (Omarosa, John Bolton)…

46. Or flat-out endorsed Joe Biden (Miles Taylor, Olivia Troye, Elizabeth Neumann, and even Anthony Scaramucci, his close personal friend for years)…

45. He’s not only been condemned by the above people, but also literally 100s of prominent Republicans. He’s given Joe Biden a record number of endorsements from the opposing party, and some of Biden’s strongest support comes from Republicans like The Lincoln Project.

44. His own niece (Mary Trump) and personal attorney (Michael Cohen) have been on a mission to warn people about him. [But yeah, his fans sure know him well…even though countless people who actually do won’t endorse him.]

43. He’s the first President in modern history not to have a single endorsement from a living President or Presidential candidate, including Republicans Bush Jr. and Romney (who was also, once again, was the first Senator in US history to vote to impeach a POTUS of his own party).

42. He’s had his Homeland Security Deputy Miles Taylor endorse Biden by saying that many of Trump’s ideas about what to do were “illegal” or just plain crazy.

41. He has an open hatred for checks and balances.

40. He’s called the media “the enemy of the people” and anything that’s against him is “Fake News.”

39. And has repeatedly demanded favorable press coverage even to the point of asking for an investigation into “Saturday Night Live” over Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of him. Olivia Troye–who worked for Mike Pence–has also told a story of how Trump ranted about Tucker Carlson (a Fox News hack and Trump loyalist) saying something about him he didn’t like during a meeting that was supposed to be about Coronavirus.

38. He’s had a relationship with white supremacists that makes even other Republicans uncomfortable.

37. He’s the most openly racist President in the last century. Saying there were “good people on both sides” at the Charlottesville rally, refused to say nice things about John Lewis after he died, has a pathological hatred towards the First black President (and FLOTUS and black female VP candidate), and feuded with Congresswoman Wilson, Maxine Waters, the Congressional Black Caucus, Oprah Winfrey, Lebron James, Don Lemon, Omarosa, Mia Love, black media, black reporters, black athletes, black actors, black academics, black musicians, “Black Panther,” “Black-ish,” black countries (“s*** hole countries”), Take a Knee, affirmative action, black victims of police shootings, and (especially) Black Lives Matter. [Of course, this is also what most people who vote for him like about him.]

36. He has consistently condoned violence. Just a few examples include: encouraging the punching of protesters at his rallies…

35. …and saying he’d pay the bail of anyone who does…

34. Advocating an electrified border fence and alligator-filled moat for illegal immigrants trying to cross the border…

33. Proudly campaigned on the torture of terror suspects and killing of their family members in 2016…

32. 2016 campaign rhetoric like “In the old days, he’d be taken out in a stretcher.”

31. (Continued) He’s so consistently condoned violence that—of course—some of his fans have taken him up on it…

30. Like Cesar Sayock trying to blow up half the Democratic Party…

29. OR the Kenosha shooter who drove across state lines to kill two people (“when the looting starts the shooting starts”)…

28. OR the Michigan militiamen who tried to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan Governor he hates so badly he threatened to withhold Coronavirus supplies to Michigan…

27. [Also, allegedly told medical supply vendors to shortchange Michigan during Coronavirus because of his feud with Whitmer. A pattern where he won’t help states that he doesn’t like, such as threatening to withhold California, Oregon, and Washington wildfire relief money because he knows the West Coast won’t vote for him.]

26. This isn’t even taking into account the huge uptick in far right or white supremacist rallies…

25. And the armed protesters who showed up at state capitals (like Michigan) at his urging.

24. He hid in the White House bunker during the May riots while fanning the flames of unrest on Twitter.

23. He’s floated ridiculous (and FALSE) “Birtherism” conspiracy theories about his predecessor. [And this is even before other false conspiracy theories since taking office like “Obamagate.”] Also, spread countless false conspiracies about Hillary in 2016, and a few new ones about Biden and Kamala Harris now.

22. He said the 2016 election was “rigged” before it even took place and floated the idea of refusing to accept the result…

21. Then abruptly changed his song once he won in a suspicious upset.

20. In the first day of his Presidency, he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd size, forced his White House Press Secretary (Sean Spicer) to do the same, and even had advisor (Kellyanne Conway) coin the phrase “alternative facts” to describe his imaginary crowd size.

19. He’s made America’s word worthless as he’s broken agreements with Iran, Cuba, and the Paris Climate Accords…

18. While similarly alienating every ally we have from hammering Canada to pulling troops out of Germany (and crapping on Angela Merkel) to even getting into it during a phone call with the Australian PM in his first months in office.

17. The first President since the creation of NATO and the UN to not understand why these organizations are beneficial to the US, and actively seeks to undermine them.

16. He’s been the first American POTUS to lose by three million votes, but still take office, and yet also float baselessly conspiracy theories that an attempted “coup” tried to prevent him from taking office–when the reverse (a national security establishment that bent over backwards to over-investigate Hillary) is true.

15. Countless asinine statements at his rallies that could literally be a list of 100 things all their own. Just a handful of examples: “I love the poorly educated,” mocking disabled reporters, pointing to his black Trump supporter, calling a fan fat apropos of nothing (and without any self-awareness), and claiming he could kill someone and his fans would love him anyway…actually, that last one is true.

14. He’s refused to stop holding big rallies during a pandemic (including one on the White House lawn) with lots of people not wearing face masks…Even after backer Herman Cain died from contracting Coronavirus at his Tulsa rally.

13. He’s also demanded people not wear a mask because it makes him uncomfortable (demanding an NBC reporter take off his face mask), and Trump has encouraged people not to wear them—like Amy Barrett’s “super spreader” event at the White House.

12. He’s spread outright lies during a pandemic. Just a few examples include: Telling Bob Woodward he knowingly downplayed it in the beginning…

11. Pumping bogus cures like hydroxychloroquine OR recommending the injection of bleach at one point…

10. Repeatedly lying about the death count and underplaying the severity of the virus…

9. And saying no one has gotten sick from his rallies during the first debate. [Not only have people died but he was infected with CoVid at that moment.]

8. He mocked Joe Biden at the first debate for wearing a mask (“every time you see him, huge mask”)…Practicing social distancing…And not having big rallies (“nobody would show up”)…

7. Then revealed HE HAD CORONAVIRUS not two days later.

6. Since being diagnosed with Coronavirus, he’s repeatedly refused to follow safety guidelines. The White House has been declared a “super cluster” due to 25 staffers contracting the virus there.

5. He has refused to institute a coordinated federal response during a national pandemic, and punted responsibility to the governor and mayors to set 100s of individual responses, which has been a disaster. He’s had the single worst Coronavirus response in the world, and the deadliest pandemic in American history.

4. Since being released from the hospital, his tweets are even more deranged than usual, and even his son Don Jr. is speculating he might be crazy. Notable examples include demanding Mitch McConnell withdraw from stimulus negotiators, then abruptly saying something different the next day.

3. Even before CoVid, the Trump economy was far from stable with stalled trade wars, ineffective tariffs, him blasting his own Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell (unprecedented) THAT HE APPOINTED, and squandering two trillion dollars with the least popular tax cut in American history (my taxes actually went up). Wasted funds that would be greatly appreciated to combat Coronavirus and a flat-lining economy…

2. He’s repeatedly called into question the very pillars of Democracy. This includes things like crapping on an imaginary “Deep State” that is supposedly trying to stage a coup against him within his own government. [And this is supposedly why he hasn’t staffed a full state department, didn’t fill key ambassadorships for years, has such crazy turnover, and seems to abhor anyone with actual competence and experience.]

1. And saying any election he loses is “rigged” to the point he’s openly stated he will not accept the result if he loses and that there will not be a “transition of power.” NEVER has the United States had a President refuse to accept the results OR cast dispersions on the results even as people are voting.

So yes, he has broken countless norms and historical precedents…in the worst way.

I could’ve easily broken some of these until multiple bullet points or expanded on it to get 200 (or 1,000 just from false statements alone). However, if you aren’t convinced after 100 reasons, I’m not sure an extra 100 or ANYTHING would convince you.

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